Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Note Of The Month

++Kobe Bryant is not the greatest Laker ever. Shaq said it. There were two other greatest players in basketball history--both Lakers. Wilt Chamberlain and the Might Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I loved The Big Dipper but it is Kareem by far as the greatest Laker.

Israel Pressures Egypt To Kill Anti-Israel Resolution At The IAEA Conference In September

The Donald Says He Would Reverse Obama's Decision On Mt. McKinley

In Esquire, Charles Pierce Asks Why Isn't Debbie Wasserman Schultz Fired?

By The Way, President Obama Gave A Great Speech In Alaska To The Summit


Rev. Rafael Cruz Defends son Ted Against Birther charges

++Rafael Cruz spoke to the National Organization of Republican Assemblies and tried to refute the arguments of the "strict constitutionalists" who argue his son isn't qualified to be president because he was born in Calgary, Canada.

++Ted Cruz gave up his Canadian citizenship in 2014 jet before he announced for president.

++Give Dad some credit. He cited the American Naturalization Act of 1790, which said a child born of an American mother anywhere in the world was a citizen.

Walker Tries To Walk Back The Canadian Wall Idea

++Rand Paul was first to attack it as "dumb".

++Then Senator Leahy called it the craziest idea of this electoral season.

++Since a woman came forth saying the border ran through her house,Walker has tried to pretend he didn't mean it since the "base" doesn't believe it's a good idea because Canadians are pretty much white.

The Morning Consult Survey

++The extensive Morning Consult Survey has Hillary Clinton at 52% and Sanders at 29% in the national survey.

++The Donald has 37%, Carson at 9%, Bush at 9%, Rubio and Huckabee at 6%, Walker at 5% and Cruz and Paul at 4%.

++Moody's Analytics has turned their July razor thin electoral vote prediction from 270 to 268, to a landslide Democratic victory of 326 electoral votes to the GOP's 212. The result is no matter who are the nominees. Moody's says that Ohio,Florida and Colorado turned from leaning Republican to solidly Democratic. 

"I Will Stand With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu" Senator Tom Cotton In Israel

Ed Kilgore on HRC Versus JEB!

++Kilgore believes that if you take the HRC versus JEB! scenario seriously. Then check out the latest polls from Iowa. Hillary has an approval rating among Democrats similar to both Biden and Sanders. Kilgore says there is no chase Biden will run. So if not Hillary has 43% of the vote. Only a handful of Democrats say they would never vote for her. 

++On the other hand,JEB! approval ratings among Republicans are blow water and roughly 29% of republicans would never vote for him. He now logs in at 6% in Iowa.

++To add insult to injury, Nate Silver's 538 puts Hillary's endorsements at 1,300 to JEB! 200.

++JEB! is really going to struggle to reach the end.

Amid The Denali flap, a Global Summit Is Going on In Alaska

++You wouldn't know it but the foreign ministers of Norway,Denmark and Iceland are in Alaska with John Kerry on the first global summit on what to do with the Arctic. 

++Among the attendees are my old friends the Inuit Circumpolar Conference, who represent the indigenous peoples in the Arctic Circle. Also there are the representatives of the Alaskan tribes because they are facing the immediate devastation to their homeland from climate change.

++The Summit has a full contingent of American officials from the Interior, the Defense Department,the Cost Guard,State and other agencies involved in the protection and development of the Arctic.

++This summit is but one step before the Paris Conference on Climate Change. President Obama believes this is part of his legacy that will last generations. 

++Meanwhile the McKinley Library is delighted people are talking about their President and Karl Rove is milking this for his upcoming book on McKinley. Not to be outdone by his Ohio colleagues, Sherrod Brown promises to work with President Obama to remember William McKinley. 

++Leave it to Ed Kilgore to notice that Alaska has been trying to change the name back to Denali for over ten years. He thinks the Republicans should at least respect states' rights on this one.

Karl Rove: Obama Wouldn't Be President" if McKinley Didn't Annex Hawaii"--Nice Comeback

75 Former Congressmen and woman Endorse Iran Nuclear Deal

++Advertised as bipartisan,I could only find Rep. Findley and Roppe.


Breibart Says At Least Obama Didn't Name Mountain For Trayvon Martin

Kanye West Will Run For President In 2020

Qunnipiac Finds GOP Congressional Rating at An All-time Low of 12%

Trump Goes Willy Horton On Jeb!

++Trump has a TV spot going after JEB!'s comment that immigrants came here as "an act of love". He has JEB! making his remarks as three faces of illegal immigrants who murdered are shown.

Obama Approval At 46%, W Was At 32% the Same Period of His Presidency

Van Morrison Is 70 Today!

Senator Tammy Baldwin Endorses Hillary

For GOP,A Denali is a Cadillac. not a Mountain

++The Republicans are going ape over President Obama's trip to Alaska to talk about climate change. It's not the climate change part that have driven them crazy it is the President reverting Mount McKinley back to its original name,Denali "the Big One" in the local native language.

++John Boehner, Senator Portman and John Kasich led the charge against Obama because the martyred President was Karl Rove's favorite. Boehner waxed eloquent about McKinley's record.

++Portman said it showed how President Obama didn't consult congress on the national parks. Teabagger, soon-to-be impeached Governor LePage of Maine demanded that President Obama stop fiddling with the national parks.

++LePage is concerned that the founder of Bee's cosmetics is about to donate 10,000 acres in northern Maine to become a national park.

++Mount McKinley got its name because a gold prospector discovered it the day McKinley was nominated for the presidency.

Monmouth University Iowa GOP Poll

++The Donald at 23%, Ben Carson at 23%, Carly at 10%,Cruz at 9%.

++Then it's Walker at 7%,JEB! at 5%,Kasich at 4%, Rubio at 4% and Paul at 3%.

++Notice the non-politicians represent the top three positions,representing 56% of the vote.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Petraeus' Prosecutor: Hillary Didn't Commit A Crime

Predictive Polls For Today

++From predict

++Clinton 73% to get the Democratic Nomination.

++Democratic Party at 58% to GOP 42% to win the White House.


Senator Shaheen Of New Hampshire Endorses Hillary

President Obama Renames Mount McKinley, Denali, Its Original Native Name

Ruth Marcus Doesn't Like Hillary Either

++ Ruth Marcus is a regular columnist in the Washington Post. She barely tolerates President Obama and is not so keen on Hillary. 

++Instead she is for Joe Biden running as Unbound Biden. He should get a promising woman as his vice president .Oh, say Elizabeth Warren and run on issues to strength the middle class.

++She admits he has to deal with voting for the bankruptcy bill Hillary voted against and talk about how he handled Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas Hearing.

++But if he promises to serve only one term, he can overcome the age thing.

Oliver Sacks is Dead,Keith Richards Is Still Alive!

++The New York Times featured Keith Richards and his new solo album. In their story, they said the album features "hand playing instruments". A bow to the digital age. Keith says he sleeps with his guitar.


Hulk Hogan Wants To Be Trump's Vice President

Hillary Shoulders On

++Hillary seems to have come under fire this past month and the Washington punditry are expressing worries. But they didn't like her anyway.

++Maureen Dowd got her digs in this morning with the column about Popi and his disdain for the Donald. 

++Bernie is catching fire sort of. It is a good thing for the country that a Jewish socialist should be so appealing. There is hope yet.

++But what about Hillary. She was crisp, on message with no gaffes at the DNC meeting in Minnesota. She has called for more debates so don't blame her. She stung the GOP with her remarks about their statements on women's health are like terrorists. 

++While spin may come back to the White House with Hillary,her campaign was quick to show what percentage of permanent delegates she already has. Perhaps an exaggeration but close.

++The people who meet her on the stump characterize her as warm , concerned and talking their issues. 

++The press raises her protectiveness and go into the psychological explanation of her e-mail server.

++Steve Coll in this New Yorker explains where we are on the server issue and why the FBI will take its time. In the last two days, Hillary has calmly explained the e-mail situation several times.

++Somebody criticized Bill on the campaign trail and she snapped back. She is a fighter and don't get between her and her husband. For the general public ,this is a plus. Bill Clinton enjoys the highest approval rating around and Hillary remains on the most admired women list.

++Now the slam on Hillary is that she always wanted to be President. Isn't that the American way?--everyone can grow up to be President. 

++Her vote for the Iraq War was opportunistic. She has already apologized for this a myriad of times. At least she doesn't want to invade again like JEB! and Walker.

++Robert Parry blasts her because Ms. Nuiland at State ,married to neo-conservative Robert Kagan, was directly involved in destabilizing the Ukraine and setting up today's crisis.

++In the future,I'll try and review the web of people and personalities who were behind the Clinton impeachment scheme. They are still with us. Ann Coulter,Bill Maher's favorite conservative,was involved in the "den of elves" who were working on all the women who were supposed to come out saying they had affairs with Bill. Maureen Dowd called for Clinton's resignation. Cokie Roberts thought he should resign for the protection of the presidency. The list goes on about Clinton's detractors in the Democratic Party. Now they carry this grudge against Hillary.

++I still say the election will come down to steadiness and calm. And the GOP has demonstrated none of this. 

++We had our insurgency in 2008. I just wonder whether Hillary's campaign is underplaying the First Woman President for fears the voter can't take two dramatic changes in a row. Perhaps they fear a backlash early. 

++We know Roger Stone has a book coming out this fall on how Both Clintons abuse women. Attack her at her strength--the ole Rove technique. John Kerry remembers it from the 2004 Swiftboaters campaign, which made AWOL Bush look tougher than Kerry.

++Hillary's strength and her weakness this political season is that she comes across as a mature,seasoned politician who has been down these traitorous paths before. Do we want to go down these paths with her? That's the question which the pundits will explore.

++So far,Hillary's poll numbers against rivals and eventually GOP nominees are solid. She sounds like she wants to testify before the #Benghazi! panel which has morphed from" Romney should have won "to #Whitewater 2. 

++Now the attacks have focused on Hillary's top aide,Huma Abedin, who also used a private e-mail account. Republicans have always been aiming at Huma because she is Muslim and married to Anthony Weiner--a twofer.

++So far the Republican candidates have been stingy with their position papers. The Donald hit first with his Immigration paper,Walker and Bush have issued foreign policy statements. On the other hand,Hillary has issued a slew of papers ranging from immigration to her economic policy.

++Hillary also hasn't fallen into the Gore Trap of distancing herself from her former boss,President Barack Obama. At best, she reiterated her position on Syria, which deviated from Obama, but on everything like Obamacare and economic matters she has been supportive.

++For Democrats, remember Gore's distancing resulted in the selection of Joe Lieberman as Vice President. He was supposed to reinforce the idea that the executive branch would be normal and religious.And we sure paid for that.

++It is steady as she goes.


What's The Matter With Jeb?

++Jeb was supposed to be the front-runner and looking forward to mopping up operations just after Super Tuesday and then his coronation in the Florida primary. But something is going wrong.

++The Des Moines Register Poll has the Donald at 22% support, Ben Carson at 18% and JEB! floundering at 6%. The National polls are only marginally better for JEB!

++the Donald says he is "low-energy" and he just may be right. There is no spark. He opens his mouth and not even his brother's malapropisms come out. Remember when Wings Take Dreams? But W with his smirk actually seemed to enjoy campaigning. JEB! just lumbers along,sticking his foot in his mouth with every comment.

++The New York Times reported this morning that not only has JEB! lost three of his primary funders but other wealthy donors are pulling back from him as the GOP field seems fluid at this point. 

++The Times also reports he is cutting back on staff and restructuring his campaign for a slow,long slough with the anticipation that the process will be prolonged into 2016.

++Rinse Penis and the RNC had restructured the whole primary process and the convention date so that the GOP will blast forth before the Democrats and just overwhelm them with a insurmountable lead. But that calculation figured that the field would get winnowed down quickly to JEB! and Walker. The Donald has screwed that up. Walker once led Iowa and is lagging in the back of the pack.

++Maybe JEB! is getting the backlash against Iraq Bush III? He has handled the immigration question, common core and women's health issues clumsily. In fact, he has handled every issue clumsily.

++In the past week JEB! forgot his advisers recommendations not to get in a pissing war with the Donald. Every little blast has been a dud.

++Maybe Jeb should adopt Christie's policy of hiring FEDEX to search for illegal immigrants or put bar-codes on tourists so we can locate them? A Canadian Wall would be going too far and be imitative of the Donald. Walker actually said the Canadian Wall would keep the bad people out. What about shipping our bad people to Canada?

++I don't know what to make of the JEB! He is not crisp and he's totally off message. And we don't know what that message is. JEB! is not connecting with any voters. He doesn't even have the likable factor.

Oregon's Jeff Merkley Backs The Iran Deal, Making it 31 Votes

Somebody Hat To Be For It--Walker For Wall on Canadian Border

Maureen Dowd Says Popi Mad At The Donald

++Both Dowd and Douhat were disappointing. 

++Dowd did have the Donald's remarks about JEB! and Lehman Brothers and the Florida pensions.

++Douhat called the Donald "The Acela Corrider Billionaire" and says he is running a third party candidacy within the Republican party. He thinks that when the GOP decides to crush the Donald they either  might want to alter their message because the Donald has been explicit about the party's problems.

++Maureen wants to tell you she had lunch with Popi in Houston.

Oliver Sacks ,82 Dies in Times' Web Edition but Not In Print

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Steve Benen Weighs In The Donald's Break with Republican Orthodoxy On Taxes

++Steve Benen says the Donald understands conservative populism and that his followers don't vote for the Republican Party because of tax breaks for the wealthy. His position is upsetting to the donor class but the Donald doesn't need their money. The Club of Growth denounced his position yesterday. But, as Benen points out, The Donald's followers don't listen to the Club of Growth anyway. Crack,Crack, the Mighty Wurlitzer goes out of tune.

Tomorrow In The New York Times

++Maureen Dowd on how The Bush and Clinton Dynasties Ran Into a TRUMP Bump. I can hardly wait.

++Ross Douhat on how Trump Is a Class Traitor.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Blocks Resolution In Favor Of Iran Nuke Pact

Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions Endorses Trump--1st Republican To Do So

IOWA POLL. Bloomberg/ Register

++ 37 Clinton, 30 Sanders,14 Biden. Without Biden,Hillary at 43%.

Bibi Says Israel Is Not Against A Civilian Nuclear Program in Iran

Josh Earnest On The Trump-Cruz Rally Against The Iran Nuclear Pact

++White House spokesman Josh Earnest responded to the new of the Trump-Cruz rally by saying that this is nothing about a "Pro-war Rally". He has used the line before on critics of the nuclear deal that some of the same people who advocated the war in Iraq are now the same characters against the deal. 

Oh boy, Cheney Says Nuclear Deal Will Lead To The first Use of A Nuclear Weapon Since Hiroshima

++Dick Cheney won't give up. Not only is Barack Obama a liar. "Everything he said about the Iran deal is a lie." The negotiated deal with Iran ensures that Iran will acquire a nuclear weapon. That  means we will have the first nuclear bomb attack since America bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. 

++Remember Cheney warned that Obama was so weak that another 9-11 was assured. He also blamed President Obama for the rise of ISIS because he prematurely left Iraq.

++General Odierno had to pipe in that the reason we left Iraq was negotiated by George W. Bush so that Iraq could have their country back.

++Expect more flame wars from the Cheneys.

Unless 4 More Democrats Vote No To the Iran Deal, It Succeeds

++Harry Reid has threatened to filibuster the Iran vote so that the Senate can't even "disapprove" it. Unless 4 more Democrats move over to the position of Church schemer and Bob Menendez,the GOP can't not bring it to the floor.

++Bloomberg news has the full story. They also note that John Boehner said it could not be stopped. 

++It requires both houses of congress to have veto proof majorities to stop the deal. That is why Nancy Pelosi's early commitment to support it and her commitment to whip it was so important.

++Opponents of the deal claim that have won from the public relations point of view because of the millions that have poured into congressional districts through television ads. The RNC plans in 2016 to campaign against Democrats as weak on defense who supported the bill. 

++In the key Senate races, expect Tammy Duckworth,the paraplegic veterans to receive the Max Cleland treatment.

Mike Malloy On The Donald

++Broadcasting from the north of the state of Georgia, Mike Malloy, who is a Bernie Sanders supporter,  says we better get used to the idea of the Donald becoming the Republican nominee and later President.

++He thinks there is nothing --except a story of him having sex with his daughter--that can bring him down. Malloy pleads with his audience to understand that the Donald represents the storing man America wants to lead them.

++Malloy says that the Donald's stance on Social Security and Medicare resonate in traditional Democrats' ears. A side observation--his interview with Sarah Palin talked about working Americans, which is a bone to Reagan Democrats if they exist anymore. That was the reason Richard Trumpka felt compelled to put out his video denouncing the Donald's racist language on immigration.

++Malloy points out that the Donald is what America has been waiting for--a politician who says what he believes no matter what and someone not reading scripted lines. He points to the fact that both the Donald and Ronald Reagan were known for years because of their appearance on television. He says the difference is that the Donald isn't an actor and says his own lines--no matter how wacky they sound. 

++Malloy actually had a good point in noting that every cable station has increased its rating when they cover the Donald, something Trump is very aware of. The bloggers' frustration that MSNBC gives so much coverage to the Donald ignores that he is good business for Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes.

++Malloy points out that the Donald gives the right the red meat they desire. They want a fighter.

Dick Cheney--Make America Exceptional Aagain

++Richard Bruce Cheney rises from the dead again. In a lengthy and frankly well-argued op-ed, Cheney makes the neo-conservative argument that the world needs the United States as it leader as it has been before WWII and afterwards. 

++The column is worth a read to listen to how twisted the logic is. Cheney argues that no group of narration can do what we do --guarantee the world's security and that we must continue to do so. 

++He argues that Barack Obama alone of the Presidents threw away the bipartisan consensus on American exceptionalism. Now he threatens a great tool for the world--the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Yes, Barack Obama who has been committed to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons his whole political career is going to destroy the Non-proliferation Treaty. 

++How? By having negotiated the Iran nuclear deal, which resembles Neville Chamberlain's agreement with Hitler. See. Iran will continue to enrich uranium when we should have said no.

++Not only has President Obama don't that but he has destroyed our military preparedness. Because of sequester cuts, President Obama has gutted the military. P.S. Military spending has gone up 38% since he came into office. It has reached an all-time high.

++Cheney favorable uses Charles Krauthammer's quote that he stand at the "hinge of history" and must elect the next President to restore the bipartisan consensus we are an exceptional country. 

++This is the Great State Nationalism that Col. Wilkinson had mentioned about neo-conservatives. The United States is supposed to be a Hyperpower capable of forcing its will on other countries. It is unilateralism at its worse.

++So now you have been alerted to Cheney's AEI speech against the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Islamic Fundamentalism is son a rampage and the deal ends the Non-prolferation Pact, which unilateralists love so much.

++There are a few moments in the op-ed where he cribs from Reagan's speeches,particularly on D-Day. 

++He lapses into the American myth that we won WWII, when the Soviet Union lost tens of millions in defeating Nazi Germany.

++President Obama is also responsible for ISIS rising.

++Cheney is still a very dangerous man.

More On The Donald

++Last night I received a conservative e-mail that is circulating about the Donald. Basically it stressed the nationalism of his position and his commitment to have the best military. What the e-mail liked was that America would not get involved in overseas military affairs unless the invaded country pays for them--like his Iraq idea of taking the oil. They love keeping immigrants out and But misrepresent his views on taxes--saying he will eliminate the estate tax and have a more flat tax. The author has the Donald advocating significantly lower taxes on the rich.

++Sarah was enthused about the Donald wiling to "raise" taxes on the wealthy and volunteered she would like her taxes raised. The Donald with Sarah and earlier with Bloomberg went after Hedge Fund Managers . With Bloomberg, he said he is against the carried-interest gambit played by Hedge Fund managers that allows them to get rich.

++We missed the Donald reacting to Eric Cantor endorsing JEB!.--"He's a loser". This morning he tweeted about JEB! losing three of his biggest donors,"They quit on him." 

++Thom Hartman and Mike Papantonio discussed the Donald on Thom's television show. Thom's take is that the Donald is like modern European conservative.--accepting the social welfare system but wanting to keep immigrants out. Somehow Thom equates Le Pen with Scandinavian conservatives.He thinks we make a mistake calling Trump a nativist, when he resembles a European nationalist. Mike Pap says that he grew up with the Donald type in the South and they all wear suits--are racist, anti-women and anti-immigrant. He opts for nativist.

++I think it's interesting given my writing yesterday about epistemic closure that the Donald has shattered the "taxes" taboo and has tapped into a nationalist thinking about our Third World infrastructure. His message is that "Sure we ran the country down, But I can Fix It. I have a Plan."

++This last bit became a wonderful ad for him pout together by Jimmy Kimmel. Find it on Youtube and you'll see that it would work.

++He takes the depressive conservative message and makes it optimistic. That's why conservatives are saying he is like Reagan.

The Sarah Palin-Donald Trump Interview

++Do yourself a favor and watch the Palin-Trump interview. It is posted now at the Democratic Underground Website.

++This is a low-key Donald. The emphasis is on the middle-class, which went notoriously absent in Republican circles in 2008 and 2012. The Donald emphasizes the crumbling infrastructure and his interests in Veterans affairs,both had been missing in GOP circles.

++Sarah tries to get a spark out of him on the media. He didn't take the bait . Instead he said the media has treated him well and they understood what happened with Jorge Ramos. Jorge Ramos in this broadcast becomes an activist and the father of a daughter who works for Hillary Clinton. But the Donald plays this low-key.

++Sarah emphasizes that the media is asking him gotcha questions on his religion and his love of the bible. The Donald said it all came out inadvertently when he said his favorite book was really the Bible and then it was the Art of the Deal. Sarah says reporters would not ask Hillary Clinton to quote her favorite bible verse (although I am sure as a devout Methodist she could reel one off). 

++For me the revelation was when Donald said he was a Presbyterian--one of the frozen chosen like I am. This is understandable when his mother was really from Scotland. The news tried to make a story out of his church saying he is not a frequent attendee. They didn't add that this is true of all Presbyterians. It also explains why the Donald was great affection for his daughter who converted to Judaism.

++The Donald closes the interview with saying how proud he is leading in all the polls, particularly among the evangelicals and the tea party crowd. Sarah says that there is a strong libertarian streak among the Tea Party and that she knew that was important o the Donald.

++Soft ball interviews often reveal aspects of a candidate's character. It is clear that Donald can do well when he is not bombastic and saying how great and rich he is. It is also clear he can be nimble knowing what image he wants to portray. 

++The Donald says he is using the old term "the silent majority" again. Depending on your political history, this was a term of reaction used by Nixon to counter the so-called "leftist" turn in the country during the counter-culture.. To Sarah's audience,the response is "Yup, that's us."

++I found it interesting that the Donald didn't go on a  rant against immigrants or minorities.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Scott Walker Responds To GOP Name-Calling

++Remember how quick the response was to the Donald calling Mexicans rapists. Ok, never mine.

++Scott Walker was quick to answer John Boehner calling Ted Cruz a "creep" by saying that was just wrong to do. What a monument to morality.

++Today both Walker in his foreign policy speech at the Citadel and the Donald went after China as a pillar of their foreign policy.

++Ted Cruz and the Donald's joint rally against the Iran Nuclear Deal is sponsored by Frank Gaffney, who has his own security think tanks and who campaigns against creeping shariah law in America. Jointing him as a sponsor is the Zionist Organization of America,the organization chosen and funded by Sheldon Adelson to stop the Divestment campaign against Israel.

++Washington Monthly today shows you how loopy all this GOP nonsense can make you. Red Ed Kilgore's pieces. 

According to religious websites,400 pastors and church staff expected to resign because of Ashley Madison

Senator Carper Backs Iran Nuclear Deal

Clinton Campaign Says Hillary has 1/5th of The Delegates Locked Up

Luke Skywalker Comes Out For Gun Control--Conservatives Go Ape

Longview Herald "Louie! hometown paper" Says Gohmert to Introduce House Bill To Kill Nuke Deal

Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Good News For John McCain--Hillary Doomed

++The press read the new Quinnipiac to say Biden more competitive than Clinton against leading Republicans. Or Biden outperforms Hillary in general elections.

++Matt Yglesias has a humorous take on these stories at The VOX.

++What did the poll actually say? Hillary leads a three person race for the Democratic nomination by 45 to Sanders'22 and Biden's 18. 

++For the general election, Clinton beats Bush Head to Head, she beats Rubio head to head, and she beats Trump head to head. If Trump runs as an independent, she wins in a landslide. They didn't poll against Walker and other Republicans. 

++Yeah, Joe Biden sort of does a little better head to head. 

++A new New Hampshire poll does the same trick with Hillary going head to head against the whole GOP crew. She beats everyone handily but loses by 1 pt to John Kasich. Amazing when you think of it--to wipe out an entire slate.

++Hillary's SuperPac launched its first ad today in Spanish that focused on the Donald,Jeb, and Walker talking about immigrants and "anchor babies".

++Hillary Clinton attacks the GOP candidates today as having attitudes toward women like terrorists. The GOP went wild in reaction.

++Hillary Clinton's support group led by Brock petitioned Trey Gowdy to release his e-mails on the Benghazi panel, including instructions from the RNC and his promises not to raise funds on the inquiry. The answer--Crickets.

++With the DNC about to meet in Minnesota, Mrs. Clinton cut short her vacation to barnstorm through the Midwest. Today, she gave a sensible talk about immigration policy to rural Iowans which drew great applause and supported the subsidy for ethanol (Ugh). The idea is to head to Minnesota to prove her campaign is on track and heading in the right direction.

++The Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn are having the big donors in this weekend to persuade them everything is fine.

++The RNC is lamely trig to say her demand for gun control after the assassinations of the news people where in Virginia is trying to distract us from the scandal of the e-mails. Now the caravan has moved on to bring attention to her assistant. The press wants a scalp. 

++Hillary is tryng to stem the Biden talk. Joltin' Joe says he might not have the energy for a campaign after his family is so banged up after Beau's death. The press made it like President Obama endorsed Biden when all the President said he would stand in the way and that Biden was very qualified for the job. 

++The only negative news is that Hillary's approval ratings have taken a beating but still exceed all Republicans.

++As Rude Pundit put it all the Clinton scandals finally boiled down to Bill getting a blow job and lying about it. Why Hillary has to carry this is part because the press loathes her and she it. 

++But so far Hillary maintains sizable leads in both the primary and in the general.

++In 2008 Obama took her in the caucuses and the official delegates. She won't make that mistake again. She has lined up significant official endorsements,including Tom Vilsack, formerly Governor of Iowa as well as Senators and representatives. She has built up a firewall for the March 1 Super Tuesday primaries, where her campaign expects to deliver the knock out blow.

++She needs some momentum. How about a new slogan "Supreme Court". 

Richard Trumpka Must Have Remembered When His Family Wasn't Considered White

++Looking a bit worse for wear since the last time I saw him, Richard Trumpka , the President of the AFL-CIO,recorded a message to his rank and file that the discussion in the Republican party on immigrants had no code words but was "Hateful,Vile and racist".

++The AFL-CIO had to conduct a similar educational campaign during President Obama's first run for the white house when Republicans were trying to revive the Reagan Democrats by appealing to racial animosity against Obama. It failed then and in 2012. A late reason for this was the understated campaign by the AFL-CIO to head this racism off at the path.

Samantha Powers Says US Will Be Isolated If Nuclear Deal Is Rejected

++Ed Kilgore wondered what the fuss was about this morning if Obama vetoed a rejection of the Iran deal. He mused if American credibility would be that injured.

++ The answer is absolutely yes. If the United States negotiates a settlement with the Secretary of State spending two weeks with a broken leg at the table,and then the political system rejects it. Why would anyone trust an American government in any negotiations--whether TPP, Global Climate Change or any Middle East Peace Plan if the yahoos can destroy it.

++Samantha Powers said the obvious that we could not demand tougher sanctions on Iran once we did that.

In All The News Not Fit To Print Category

++Tonight, the Washington Post reports that no, Bernie Sanders is not going to run as an independent.

++Why even comment? Because Clinton bete-noire Ed Klein write a story about it for a right-wing column.

The Donald Announces Joint Event With Ted Cruz In Washington,D.C.

++Ted Cruz has been trying to cosy up to the Donald in hopes he may gather some of his following after the Donald exits the scene. Today, they both announced they would jointly headline an event in Washington to protest the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Darryl Dawkins Dies At The Age Of 58, '76ers All Star

The Questions Just Keep Coming

++Too often I get caught off guard by the bizarre. For instance,the identitarians aim to celebrate European Americans in the United States. Wouldn't that include Hispanics? They are off-shoots of Spanish colonialism and they are Americans. And depending on their situation, living in the United States. So I am safe eating Mexican cuisine.

++What about music? I thought of Jorma and Jack. So I'm safe listening to Hot Tuna. But they play music of the Negro persuasion. Is that alright?

++Bob Dylan may be problematic because he's Jewish and plays songs based on African-American originals. 

++What sexual preferences do Identitarians have? It seems there is a rich and kinky tradition among Europeans. Are they only for same sex marriages between European-Americans. How about between a white male and an Hispanic. According to them that is not race-mixing?

++To think these people are well-funded and get grants for their work.

On A More Important Matter--My Questions for Identitarians

++Is it alright for me to eat Cornbeef on Rye and drink Dr.Brown's Celray? Or an Egg Cream? Which are going extinct these days. What about my Matzos? I can't live without them. 

++Is it alright to eat a burrito covered with mole sauce?

++Or Sichuan Cold, Spicy Noodles?

++Tandori,I can't live without.

++Sushi, I can not longer afford.

++Are Iranian grape leaves alright?

++It's just so hard being a Political Correct White Person. Is there are White Code of Dietary Laws? Think how grim it would be to exist on Scottish food--haggis, anyone?

Trump and The White Supremacists

++Ed Kilgore at the Washington Monthly did me, a freckled person a service by explaining the Donald's white supremacist appeal. At Huffington Post, David Marans and Kim Bellware tell you who they are in "Donald Trump's White Supremacist Fan Club."

++Kilgore piece which is a must-read builds on the work of Evan Osmos and Dave Weigel, who happened upon the white supremacists while following the Donald around.

++A key player in this support is a Richard Spencer, who heads the National Policy Institute in Utah, which is devoted to "the heritage,identity,and future of European people in the United States and around the world."

++Spencer and his group has rebranded "white supremacy" as "identitarians" or "alt.Right". The "identitarians" were inspired by Pat Buchanan's book the Death of the West, where Pat warned that the wave on non-European immigrants threaten our existence.

++I'm glad we are now down to European-Americans. But this still raises the issue of "whiteness" as I've commented on before. Richard Trumpka and General Petraeus would not have been considered "white" in America during the 1930s. Are they now? Are all American Jews considered European-Americans or only those descended from German Jews? 

++Problematic in the recent Trump stories is how a Hollywood producer game him Hitler's "New World Order", which were speeches by Adolf Hitler. Trump's ex-wife tried to sanitized the story by saying the producer was Jewish, as if that may it alright. The producer was contacted and vehemently denied he was Jewish. 

++It is troubling when all the events of the past year have indicated that the United States has to come to gripes with its institutional racism. Yes "Black Lives Matter" but not so much to Richard Spencer.

++The "identitarians" are not characters from Garrison Keillor's Lake Webegon reminiscing about Swedish days in Minnesota. 

++In my naiveté, I thought President Obama's election would have brought a great sensitivity and appreciation of how deep and rooted are the separate ethic and racial identities in our history. 

++A simple and positive example of this was The National Park Service publishing a history of Hispanics who fought on both sides of the Civil War. I didn't know a Castro got the first Medal of Honor or that a Cuban madame in New Orleans was a key confederate spy. 

++ If the sense of a public good vanishes , so does the sense of our national identity. It would be hypocritical of me as a descendent on both sides of my family of "undocumented immigrants" to light out after those in the country now. 

++American history is not the province for any single ethnic or racial group. How do I understand my family  losing half its males as casualties in the Civil war without learning about the history of slavery? How do I understand the marriage of one of my ancestors to a very beautiful Cherokee woman without delving into the Carlise School for Indians in Pennsylvania? It seems these forays make our history the richer,yet more tragic.

Bobby Jindal Pleads With President Obama Not To Mention Climate Change At Katrina Memorial

Quinnipac National Poll

++Quinnipiac shows the Donald crushing the field with 28%, Ben Carson next with 12% and then Jeb!, Rubio and Cruz at 7% each.

++The Donald also leads "Never Support" with 26%.

Nicholas Kristof Reminds Us

++Writing in today's Times, Kristof in examining gun violence in America reminds us that since 1968 more Americans have died by guns here at home than all our casualties in all our wars combined. Think we might have a gun problem?

200 Retired Generals Lobby Against Iran Nuclear Deal

++There were about 95 that lobbied for it.

++Forget the Iranian deal,what do you do with 300 generals? That's about 300 General-sized pensions each year and we haven't won a war since WWII.

++Not even the old Latin military dictatorships had 300 generals, I know some of them. They are great people. Some are defense contractors, others on boards of defense firms, and still others made a sane choice and moved to beautiful rural areas in the West.

++Not all are conservative, some are very,very well-educated at Ivy League colleges on your dime. 

++As they will tell you themselves, they don't cut their own lawns. They have special healthcare and even their own golf courses.

++Shouldn't they have to reveal their conflicts of interests? It's sort of like the 200 top CEOs lobbying for corporate tax cuts.

American Neo-Nazis Support The Donald In Their Own Papers

About the White Supremacists Who Support him,The Donald says"Eveyrbody likes me."

Rubio nd Cruz Silent On The Donald's Treatment Of Jorge Ramos--Megyn Kelly Supportive Of The Donald

David Duke Won't Endorse The Donald Because He's Too Zionist.Otherwise He's Alright

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rick Perry To Shoulder On, Despite Losing Staff And His Campaign Manager

Ted Cruz Attacks Megyn Kelly--He can't Get Away With It

++Crack-crack the conservative infrastructure shows some faults. Megyn Kelly asked Ted Cruz ,"whether he would deport the children of illegal immigrants." He refused to answer the question and then called her a "mainstream media liberal journalist". When she kept asking, saying the Donald had given a direct answer, Ted Cruz then said her question is something an Obama follower would ask. This is the women who criticized black Santa Claus'. 

++Meanwhile Univision played with out comment the Donald having Jorge Ramos escorted out of his press conference. As Josh Marshall said, the Hispanic Outreach person must have sat down and had several drinks.

The Donald Tells Republicans He Will Not Seek A Third Party Run

While The Donald Engages In Ethnic Epithets, You Probably Missed The Real News

++The Guardian has been doing some rummaging around. Do you remember the killer at Mother Emmanuel referring to the rhetoric of Pat Holt , who is the President of the Council of Conservative Citizens.?

++Well, he has given over $8,000 to Ted Cruz and lesser amounts to Rand Paul and Rick Santorum for their presidential campaigns. 

++Apparently contributions from white supremacist groups have gone to several House Republicans.

Corker Tells The Hill "The GOP Can't Stop the Iran Nuclear Deal."

Stop Chris Christie SuperPAC To Close. Says candidate is doing their job for them

Josh Marsall's Pick Up Of The Day

++JEB! trying to get off the mat after he was pummeled by his serial answers on the Iraq War released an ad praising his job at hurricane preparedness. To be fair he did an excellent job on the hurricanes that tore into Florida on his watch. But did he have to include a cameo of Old W's FEMA head "Heckuva Job Brownie" in the ad completely subverting his message. This was released at the time of the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Epistemic Closure

++You might recall the term used by Andrew Sullivan to refer to the hermetically sealed world of the American conservatives. This condition is re-enforced by the Fox Media and conservative entertainment circuit. Today, Ed Kilgore revisits this phenomenon in the Washington Monthly about how the GOP is trapped in this situation and the difficulties of breaking out of it. 

++By the way, I think the Donald is the type of wrecking ball that will force cracks in this situation. At some point,conservatives will have to address what he raises and not believe he is a conspiracy to elect Hillary, which is the dominent view of his detractors.

Piyush Jindal Insists He Is Not An "Anchor Baby"

While mocking Asians speaking English, the Donald is

++Leading the GOP nationally with 40%,Carson has 13%, JEB! 10%,Cruz at 7%, Kasich 5%,Fiorina 5%, and Rubio at 5%.  The poll was conducted by Gravis Marketing.

Tom Cotton Says The United States Should Speak with One Voice on Iran

++Tim Cotton of "Dear Ayatollah" fame thinks President Obama is skirting the Constitution by not submitting the agreement to the Senate as a treaty. Steve Benen at RachelMaddow Blog skewers his reasoning.

++Fantastic Fact--There have been 17,000 international agreements by Presidents since WWII without congressional input or approval.

Jonathan Chait "Trump Is Going To Lose Because He Is Crazy"

++Chait's piece in New York Magazine is more about musing about what motives the Donald. Remember people said the Donald would never run anyway because he has too many business interests? Chait calls out the obvious about the Donald's statements but really objects that he doesn't have a strategy to win over more than 20--or maybe 30% of the GOP primary voters which he says any rich person could do. Ultimately his fault is that the Donald doesn't have a strategy to reach the nomination or how to win over people who are not Republican.

++All I can say is who does? JEB's strategy was to amass an intimidating war chest to chase competitors away. The only one who got the message was Mitt Romney. JEB! now is slowly sliding in the first three primaries and looks dangerously closer to losing New Hampshire. And how about the W legacy? Does JEB! really believe the United States should have three Iraq wars named after his family? 

++Chait's piece is sort of true but it also goes to show the Donald commands the language of the GOP right now.

THE GOP Leadership Vacuum

++The deepest presidential field ever--we were told--is in total disarray because The Donald has dominated the race since he first announced. What's different from this year's "flavor of the month" is that he is setting the agenda that all other competitors are imitating and they are doing it poorly. 

++Greg Sargent of the Washington Post is doing I told you so these days. Sargent had written a column after the 2014 elections that the House had to pass immigration reform as soon as possible and let the base vent if the GOP had a chance in 2016. GOP donors and party operatives had told Sargent that there was an urgency among the business community for this issue to be resolved and then was the perfect time to do it. We were told at various points that draft legislation was being prepared and several times it even looked like it would be introduced. But the teabagger caucus held it up.

++Latin polling firms had projected the % the GOP had to attain of the growing Latino vote. George W. had won with 40%, but Romney fell to the mid-twenties. With the increased Hispanic vote,I indicated the other week they needed 42% but in fact it is probably more like 46% of the vote. How's that going to happen?

++The numerous governors running all know this ,yet they follow the Donald. I blame Marco Rubio's lack of viability to the simple fact that he backed away from his support of the Senate immigration bill. Rubio had no election to run in the near future and should have taken a temporary hit from the base by supporting it. But he folded like a cheap suit. 

++The Donald is shredding the right-wing machines in pieces. He has gone after the hedge fund managers ,which were a suburb part of the GOP, and he has gone after FOX news which is their media organ. And he has gone into the Koch Brothers' Anti-Obama coalition of the tea party and stolen their thunder. The Donald has vented the frustration of the base against the failure of the GOP-led Congress to do anything they promised. Repeal Obamacare? Sure they tried over 50 times and failed. Have a substitute? Only Scott Walker rolled out a weak version that did nothing for the poor, the underinsured. Defund Planned Parenthood? Now they want to close down the government.

++The GOP is splintered in a graphic way that will take the remainder of the campaign to unite,if ever possible. There is reason that Senator Graham said that the Republican Party will disappear if the Donald is elected. 

++The Donald knows what he is doing instinctually. He knows how to dominate the media and play them like a fiddle. He doesn't have to be taught to be a media presence like the others. If you think throwing the most influential journalist in America--Jorge Ramos-out of a press conference is damaging, think again. It's not for nothing that the Donald is in the World Wrestling Federation's Hall of Fame. He knows what sells.

++Progressives are beginning to sense that the Donald ,as repugnant as his views are on immigration are, his other positions are less toxic than  his competitors. He's for strengthening Social Security. He promises The Greatest Health Care system in the world. He will repair the crumbling infrastructure in the country. None of the others promise any of these things. So he can't massively deport 11 million people but it is reasonable that he could rebuild the infrastructure.

++If you want to listen to the real Donald Trump, I advise you to listen to his appearances on the Howard Stern show. He is amazed as the pundits are that he leads in the polls in the first three states. He also dodged the question on whether Megyn Kelly is a 10 or not. The relationship with Howard goes back many years and so you get a flavor of the New York boys shooting the breeze.

++The Republican Party in Virginia and in North Carolina are trying to pass a loyalty oath that the contestants in their primaries are pledged to back the party's winner. This is clearly aimed at the Donald.

++The destruction on the rest of the field by Hurricane Donald is shown by the self-diminishing of JEB! JEB! decided to step away from referring to anchor babies as Hispanics and lamely said he worried about the Asian immigrants. Last election,I thought Obama did amazingly among the Asian-American voters because traditionally it has been only males in that community who voted. The GOP once had a built-in advantage among this demographic. So JEB! is just floundering around. Some political operatives thought his first anti-Trump ad was effective, I did not. Especially when you are stuck for two days explaining what you meant by anchor babies.

++Roger Stone, king of the ratfuckers,gave a very effective interview on Huffington Post about the Donald and pointed out what he is tapping into. 

++Conservatives who e-mail me their screes regularly and tilt to the national security side believe the Donald is exploiting a deep anger that has built up  during the Obama years by conservatives. However, this group is relatively silent on the Donald as their political choice. I can sense a deep reticence. Some of the people like Ted Cruz, who is alien to anything I think.

++In watching the Donald break away from the pack,it seems to me the GOP is so damaged by the W years and their obstructionism during the Obama years that it doesn't know how to cope with the Donald. He doesn't play well with the conservative "elite". You can sense that he intimidates them. For example, Frank Luntz, the pollster/ad man for the GOP,got badly bruised in his exchange with Trump, then turns and has another focus group about why people support him. The reasons he presented to the Koch Brothers forum.

++The Donald is frontally taking on all the opinion-makers in the conservative media world, including Roger Ailes who he says is a wonderful guy. I tend to agree with Sam Seder who appeared of "Ring of Fire" radio and said that you have to enjoy how The Donald is destroying the conservative infrastructure. 

++While the Donald says things that are obnoxious, he doesn't come across as mean. The other candidates come across as mean and ugly,the dark side of America, not the "Shining City on the Hill". 

++The Donald is weirdly optimistic. something he shares with Ronald Reagan. What comes across is that he appeals to a sense of the "Can Do" spirit. The others are about what we can't do ,except blow up any country we want. 

++Part of the Donald's appeal actually lies in the Ron Paul Love Revolution, which generated a parallel grassroots organization that challenged the Romney campaign in 2012. Rand Paul has tried to exploit this base but has failed miserably. The Donald seems to be their newest love. 

++Deeply disturbing to party functionaries is that the Donald is polling very well across the demographics in the party--cultural conservatives,the religious right,and economic conservatives. That has them worried. They have lost control. 

++People forget the Donald has been around a while and has generated policy positions since the 1990s. The man is in his late 60s and basically figures he has nothing more to really prove. He comes across as authentic as a reality television star can be. None of the other candidates exude that sense of self. So we accept the hyperboles and exaggerations and the downright falsehoods as part of his persona.

++It will take a while to figure out whether his flamboyance is Theodore Roosevelt or Huey Long. 
It is funny that the two candidates who exude authenticity are the Donald and Bernie Sanders, both New Yorkers.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Washington Post Finally Defends Planned Parenthood

++Taking their time, the Washington Post posted an editorial calling for politicians to lay off Planned Parenthood because it provides vital services, is popular and ,by the way, did nothing illegal.

++Meanwhile Ted Cruz is ramping up a 50 state campaign of anti-abortion activists against Planned Parenthood. Cruz also vows to shut down the government if Planned Parenthood gets any federal funding.

++Meanwhile JEB! said that Planned Parenthood should not be federally funded because they do nothing about women's health. He should consult with his mother who was on the board of PP for years.

++Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Louisiana because Piyush Jindal is denying PP access to Medicaid funding, which is vital for its service to the poor.

++Piyush actually waved photos from the "sting" videos at Planned Parenthood demonstrators.

++Ben Carson claims PP is conducting genicide against the Black community, an old saw.

This Day in 1945

++Paris was liberated from the German occupation. This event has occupied alot of my summer reading.

Lee Hamilton Makes The Case For Diplomacy

++Lee Hamilton, who has been a staunch critic of the Iranian regime over the years,writes today in the Huffington Post about the need for diplomacy in today's violent world. Now at the University of Indiana,Hamilton argues that we don't live in a world where the United States can dictate what it wants but must seek compromises to reach its desired political goals. He contrasts this approach to Dick Cheney "We defeat evil" mantra. I guess Hamilton wanted to get off a shot across Cheney bow before his speech at AEI to rally the neo-conservatives.

Bob Corker Warns About The Intense Lobbying For The Iran Nuclear Deal

++Patty Murray became the 29th Democratic Senator to back the deal, putting the Democrats on line to reach a number that would sustain a veto.

++Corker's complaint is that Harry Reid is gearing up to lobby to reach some 41 Democrats and Senators to stop the bill in its tracks.

++Corker bitterly complained to --who else--The Time of Israel that Democrats are coming under enormous pressure,unlike say the efforts by one AIPAC to kill the deal.

Correction: It's Jorge Ramos

"Go Back To Uinivision" Trump Throws Angel Ramos Out Of Press Conference

Bizarre Charge From Israel

++The Times of Israel reports as their first story that President Obama left Israel out in the cold when he normalized relations with Cuba. Was he supposed to consult them about it? Did he consult them on Burma?

Williams Classmate Don Beyer Endorses Iran Deal

Senator Patty Murray, Number 4 Democrats, Backs The Iran Nuclear Plan

Monmouth University Poll of South Carolina

++Trump 30%
     Carson 15%
     Bush      9%
     Rubio     6%
     Fiorina   6%
     Cruz      5%

++Trump leads in first three primary states.

Suffolk Unversity Poll--Hillary Surges

++Hillary Clinton at 54, Bernie Sanders 20,Joe Biden 11%,Martin O'Malley 4%.

David Duke Thinks The Donald Is "The Best Of The Bunch".

Save The Date--Cheney at AEI to peak on Iran Deal September 8,vote on September 17

Bill Kristol's October Surprise

++Remember how deep the GOP bench was this year? It seems the Donald has upended the dreams of that even being perceived by the public. Bill Kristol is worried and in yesterday's Weekly Standard proposes a set of new GOP candidates.

++Of course there are the ole perennials loved by conservatives such as Mitch Daniel and Paul Ryan. Kristol floats the names of untested representatives such as Jim Jordan,Trey Gowdy and Senator Tom Cotton of the letter to the ayatollahs fame. 

++Unusual picks are Supreme Justice Sam Alito and retired general Jack Keane of the Surge fame.

PPP: New Hampshire

++Bernie 42% to 35% Hillary

++the Donald at 35%
     Kasich           11%
     Fiorina          10%
     Jeb                 7%

Remember Carville's warning that if Jeb loses New Hampshire he is toast.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rasmussen--57% of Republicans and 49% of all Voters Believe Trump will be GOP Nominee

The Iran Deal

++30 Democratic Senators have come out for the Iranian nuclear deal and it looks like President Obama may be able to veto the "disapproval" vote. If his luck holds, he may not even have to face the day of the veto because the Senate will need 60 votes for closure on the bill.

++Over the last two days, Israel has erupted with charges and counter-charges when Ehud Barack, the former Defense Minister,told a a radio audience that Bibi had on three different occasions ordered a strike against Iran's nuclear sites but was pulled back by right0wing ministers and his whole defense staff. The last was in the sunup to the last American presidential elections. The Israeli military thought it in appropriate because there were joint Israeli-American military exercises at the time.

++Remember the Senate resolution that the United States should support Israel attacking Iran? That was a set-up for Bibi's plan. We would have been sucked into a Middle Eastern war with no conclusion again.

++The big "news" on the Iran nuclear deal is the so-called "secret" deal with the IAEA that "allows" Iran to monitor their own site at Parchin. The news got banner coverage at ABC and in Commentary magazine. 

++The problem with it is that apparently the so-called deal is a bogus document, which may not have originated at the IAEA tab all. The former head of monitoring and surveillance for the organization claimed it did not read like a document from the organization and went against the group's basic principles.

++The Times of Israel has made great hay out of this "secret deal" and has covered it for the last three days. But not the observation that it was false.

++This is feeling too familiar. Be afraid, be very afraid.

++Business Insider said that the GOP Senators plan to defund the IAEA so it can't monitor the accord. It is not far to having the agreement collapse,Iran actually make a nuclear weapon and the GOP blame this all on  President Obama or the Democrats and off we go again.

Saturday Afternoon

++The Donald closed the week dominating the media with his madness. The latest Ipsos poll had him at 35% with JEB! nearest him at 16%, followed the Dr. Ben Carson at 8%.

++The Donald ventured into George Wallace country to draw 20,000 all-white rally goers. People in the crowd said they liked the Donald because "like George Wallace, he told it like it is."

++The Donald is aiming at a southern sweep now that he has taken the lead in Texas. He has stolen operatives from Rick Santorum's last campaign in Iowa and the tea party chairman in New Hampshire.

++Ted Cruz reportedly met with the Donald to talk about campaigning together. Cruz who has lost altitude now trailing the Donald in Texas was hailed as God's choice by his Iowa campaign leader.

++JEB! sent over 60,000 letters out to Iowa voters with his head photoshopped on the body of a black man. Sure to win voters in lilly white Iowa.

++A right-wing Iowa radio host advocated making Mexican farm workers slaves. 

++After Jimmy Carter held a press conference announcing he had melanoma in his brain, he was attacked by Ted Cruz and Chris Christie.

++Proving his critics' point about his football allegiance, Chris Christie is attending a fund-raiser held by the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

++Rand Paul's campaign seems about finished. He sent fund-raising letters to those of the Liberty Campaign on his father's 80th birthday. He has finagled a way around Kentucky's prohibition against running for both the Senate and the Presidency. He also persuaded Kentucky to hold a GOP caucus.

++AEI's Professor Orenstein, a veteran observer of the Republican Party, has an article in this week's Atlantic magazine about how far right can the GOP go? Pretty far. He writes that the endurance of a Trump candidacy may force us to re-write what we know about presidential politics.

++George Will, of all people, says the GOP might lose because of the viciousness of their nativism. 

++JEB! will not disown his criticism of "anchor babies" as the party slides into the ditch.

++Republican establishment operatives are concerned that Rinse Penis' plan to have the nomination wrapped up by March doesn't seem to be working. The idea is to have the Super Southern Primary in March and then have it all end with the winner-take-all Florida primary. 

++The concern is that the Trump candidacy has upended this scenario with candidates like Christie and Kasich not even qualifying for the next debate.

++The establishment operatives believes that the Donald can last through February and even beyond. 

++The other problem is that the Donald is drawing support from the base voters and forcing an all-ready to the right field even further right.

++The Washington Post, who leans Republican these days, tut-tutted about the Donald's immigration plan and reminded its readers that it would be very costly and inhumane.

++But the Donald keeps marching on. Business Insider has a piece just about the brilliance of the Donald's caps "Make America Strong Again." 

++One GOP operative said that the JEB! better watch out if the Donald starts spending money on ads. JEB! is planning on a $10 million campaign to show that the Donald is a liberal.

++New York magazine has an article about people close to the Donald speculating on how long the Donald can keep going on. The author interview the Donald who said that he had nothing left to do with his life and that he is enjoying his time on the campaign trail. The Donald has been offered millions from Hedge Fund operator and lobbyists but has turned it down. 

++Surprisingly,evangelical Christians have found the Donald refreshing and have given him his lead in Iowa. They cite that they have been lied too , just too many times by the GOP establishment and gotten nothing. At least, The Donald is being honest about his relationship to God and how he became "Pro-life".

++Trump hasn't backed asway from his criticism of George W. Bush on both the economic collapse and the Iraq War. W has begun sending out fund-raising letters on behalf of his brother JEB!

++Trump allies say the Donald's beef with JEB! is personal. The Donald blames Jeb! and his wife Colomba of getting Univision to cancel his Miss Universe pageant.

++Under the Donald tide surfaced the story about JEB's relationship with Lehman Brothers and how they obtained Florida's pension funds and blew it in the crash.

++Scott Walker ,who positioned himself, as the tea-party alternative to JEB! has found himself floating downward in Iowa. His chief of staff quit yesterday because of his dreary poll numbers. His approval rating in Wisconsin has dipped below 40% and the Marquette poll shows him losing in the state to Hillary by 17 points.

++The Donald and JEB! barnstormed New Hampshire this past week with JEB! losing out in terms of media coverage and crowds. But again he was saved because he came out for the complete "voucherization of our public school system". This was to counter the right's criticism of his support for Common Core curriculum.

++Meanwhile as their favorite sons seem to be sinking, the Koch Brothers have been pouring money into Senate races. 

++Bill Maher went after the Donald for his immigration policy and pointed out that the Donald seems to marry immigrants. 

++The blogger "The smirking chimp" wrote a column saying that America in his lifetime has never become so ugly as it has now. He fears a genuine fascism takeover with the rhetorical stances of the GOP candidates. Norm Ornstein and he would get along fine.