Friday, July 31, 2015


++Hillary released her medical records. Her blood pressure in 100/65. Not bad.

++Please watch Democracy Now with Amy Goodman about the Planned Parenthood sting videos. Everyone involved are fakes. The purported company is a front. The producer operates under an alias and the woman interviewing the Planned Parenthood person is using a stolen identity and credit card. 

++Reality Check has a long article about how all of this stuff goes back to an extreme right-wing group named "groundswell" which is linked to Operation Rescue and anti-aborgtion groups involved in the killings of doctors. Included among their sponsors is Jinni Thomas, the tea bagger spouse of Clarence Thomas and Ted Cruz, who threatens to close the government over Planned Parenthood funding. 

Breaking News

++Big scandal in the conservative media--Planned Parenthood had Hillary Clinton's private email address. O help us.

++Marist polls reports that Hillary leads all GOP candidates by at least 5 pts.

++In an Iowa poll of dubious origin, Trump leads with 30.9%,Walker at 15.4% and Jeb! is at 10%. 

Bibi To Hold Townhall Meeting With American Jewish Community On The Nuke Deal

++After President Obama's successful conference call on the Iran deal, which people from J Street participated, and after Joe Biden's conference call with the American Jewish community, Bibi announced today he was going to do the same thing.

++Expect to hear the new theme about the secret side agreements which have been burning up the Israel press and trickling into congressional complaints. These are the two agreements with the IAEA pertaining to information on the old military efforts with radiation and the new inspection regime.

++AIPAC and congressional Republicans have been complaining about them. First,they are not secret and it is questionable whether any of the negotiating partners can reveal them. Secondly,more to the point of the debate,they were not transmitted to Israel who spent the week complaining that the United States never told them about them. Although if you had read the press at the time, you will know that one of them is to be completed in September and another in December. 

Mike Huckabee Vows To Use Troops and the FBI to Prevent Woman from Having Abortions

++Yes, you read that right. Huckabee says that other presidents have ignored the Supreme Court. And yes, such a move might be controversial but he would use troops and the FBI to prevent women from having abortions.

++Yes, and Andrew Jackson ignored the Supreme Court to commit genocide against the Cherokee people. 

++Meanwhile back on Planet Earth, President Obama threatened to veto any budget that defunded Planned Parenthood.

++Townhall, a conservative website, protested there is an outcry against the killing of Cecil but not an outcry and childkiller Cecil Richards.

++There is no War against Women in the Republican Party. Maybe it's just summer.

++What we will there use against black women having abortions? I sudden to think.

Cecil's Cubs

++After Cecil was killed,the Oxford Research Institute which tracked him expressed concern that his two make cubs were in danger. They said that when the leader of a group dies the new male comes in and destroys his family. Apparently,his brother Jacob has weighed in and is seen protecting the cubs.

Karl Marx and Jay Lovestone Would Be Proud

++Conservative pressure on the Advanced History curriculum has caused the historians to include sections on American Exceptionalism. Karl Marx raised the question when he asked why America was exceptional in not having a socialist tradition. Jay Lovestone reiterated this position to Joe Stalin in trying to explain the difficulty of spreading Communism among the American masses.

++Martin Seymor Lipset examined this issue in a book of his that become a text for neoconservatives. The Republican party included it in their 2012 platform, the first American political party to openly endorse the idea. 

++President Obama is the first American president to actually say the term and speak about it as a real notion. He turned it on its head when he spoke at Selma earlier this year. 

Historic Find

++Going through some memorabilia, I found my collection of Happy Birthday cards to Joe Stalin on his 70th. They came from the heads of the Communist Parties throughout Europe. All are handwritten in Russian and signed by each party leader. These were obtained in Moscow when the Museum of Communism was being dismantled.

Now What Is It About Hillary I Am Not Supposed To Like

++The 21st Century Hillary scandals are too esoteric for me to understand. Classified documents on her server--or is it the thumb drive held by her lawyer?

++#Benghazi! because Susan Rice and President Obama skated so they need a fall gal?

++She's a baby boomer. Definite negative in my book.

++She's a lawyer. Neutral in my book.

++She's waffling on Keystone XL Pipeline. Maybe should not tell her position because President Obama is going to make a definite decision before the next election.

++She's heavily financed by hedge funds and banksters. Possible negative.

++As the Donald says,"She was the worst Secretary of State" since…Warren Christopher? Doesn't wash.

++Bernie and Hillary are slugging it out. But Hillary in today's McClatchy polls leads every single GOP candidate. But the pollster says it is bad news because she has a higher named recognition than the others. She's polling at high 40s because she should be in the 50s since she should be considered an incumbent. Naw,it doesn't work that way.

++Her trustworthiness ratings have taken a dive over the e-mail kerfluffle.  This will be the theme of the GOP attack on her in the general campaign. It is the only knock on her so far.

++Her foundation raked in millions which should have demonstrated conflicts of interest. However, all major media have backed off this angle because the book written about it panned out.

++Today she spoke about lifting the trade embargo and emphasizing that such an act is not rewarding Cube but enhancing the possibility of freedom coming there. Nice.

++The knock is that she isn't a great campaigner and is falling into her problems of 2008. Haven't seen it but it can be corrected.

++I've just heard fairly solid position papers that are not exciting but will give her a strong platform to run on.

++I still like her laugh--it has a quality about it that recognizes the ironic.

++So the last few months she has been running steady but not with a lot of flash. A nice thing is to look at the number of volunteers both Hillary and Bernie are generating. That bodes well.

++I'll wait for more anti-Hillary e-mails. So far they run back to the 1990s and the Clinton scandals but read as old news from another trivial time.

There Is No Success Like Success

++Happy Birthday to President Obama, Medicare and Medicaid.

++If you have a policy prescription that works, don't you just try and improve it or extend it? Social Security is now humming along at 75years and by the  estimates of the world's public policy gurus it is one of the most successful social welfare programs anywhere. But the GOP still wants to privatize it so that we would be at the mercy of Wall Street and balloon the national debt another $2 trillion.

++Medicare and Medicaid also have hit anniversaries at 50 years and boast high consumer satisfaction rates. Bernie Sanders has argued that our whole healthcare system should be Medicare for all. Now the GOP wants to cut both and replace Medicare with a voucher system, which would be out of my price range, since I already paid for Medicare.

++Maybe the rule of thumb is that anything the GOP proposes will cost the American taxpayer at least $1 trillion. We can call it THE IRAQ FORMULA. Multiply their proposal by an Iraq factor and get the approximate price.

++When listening to the mini-flap on Planned Parenthood, you might want to listen to local Republicans at the state level claiming how much cutting their federal funding off will cost the states.

++If things aren't broken, don't fix them. 

Heading to August

++Thank God, Congress has left for their August break. During the Obama presidency, August has been jinxed. Last year was the great Ebola panic, before the massive Gulf oil spill. I guess this is PP month. The GOP will bring Terri Schaivo back for a wedge issue.

++My August is all work as my legal case nears an end with those being sued being in default by the court. 

++My Linkin profile declares I am an "Expert". I guess in ephemera. 

++My son is on tour, trying to make ends met in a music industry whose economics have been destroyed by MP3 downloads.

++I sold over 1,000 of my CDs and was told that the market has now vanished and that buyers were only interested in classical music. Luckily I still have an equivalent amount.

++I will be scrounging around my vastly diminished storage unit to keep culling the files.I recommend Got  Junk to dispose of any unneeded furniture and gadgets as well as boxes of useless files. Manned by college students they are incredibly reasonable and fast.

++I have been moderating and participating as a analyst on SKYPE global conferences. Aside from looking like a frog, these conferences generate alot of tweeter questions and email questions from around the globe. The questions are actually informed and without raves. It has been an absolute pleasure to participate with some of the most prestigious people in the European Union. A tip--use a professional sound man or women. It makes a difference. For instance, I no longer sound like I have a flat New Jersey voice. 

++September will bring a burst of activities personal and political. 


++Cecil was the symbol of Zimbabwe, which needs all the positive images it can get. Jimmy Kimmel described the killing of Cecil the best and noted how the majestic cat was being monitored for years to assist researchers in the habits of Lions. Cecil was only found by his GPS solar and today authorities found his head.

++Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who paid $50,000 to kill Cecil,has now closed his dentistry practice . Palmer tried to kill Cecil with a crossbow and failed and had to use trackers to finally hunt him and down an shoot him. 

++The Zimbabwe authorities are preparing for his extradition to the African country to stand trial. I'm not so sure he can be extradited with Zimbabwe's horrible human rights record.

++Maybe the best fate for Palmer is to have him go up against Betty White, who is on the board of directors of the LA Zoo, and says she would do nasty things to Palmer.

++Of course, Marco Rubio had to say its would have been easier for Cecil to go to Planned Parenthood to get killed. 

Who's Going to Make The GOP Debate?

++The first GOP debate is to be held on Thursday in Ohio. The RNC ceded the selection of the participants to Fox News. Allegedly,the participants will be chosen by the first ten in national polls. However, this gets dicey with hometown candidate John Kasich not getting up there and Carli Fiorina not qualifying. The only minority is Ben Carson.

++Fox said they will be having a kid's table debate prior to the first major debate. 

++Even FOX admits that it is mayhem trying to decide who is going to participate. Jon Stewart said it succinctly that is whomever Roger Ailes decides.

++Teetering on the edge is Chris Christie, who attacked the owner of my hometown paper The Asbury Park Press because he funds the Monmouth University polls, which say that--yes--the people of New Jersey believe Christie would be a bad President.

++The Donald is romping in all polls with 20+% and double digit leads over the nearest competitors--Jeb! and Scott Walker.

++Today the owner of the Chicago Cubs gave Walker $5 million. 

++Earlier next week the Koch Brothers will be hosting their cattle call with Jeb!,Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz. The Koch Brothers say their campaign will center on the message that our economic policies should help the "unfortunate". 

++The Donald says that he may give Sister Sara Palin a cabinet post.

Pope Eric Calls For Government Shutdown

++If you want a sample of the rightwing insanity on Planned Parenthood, check at Ed Kilgore's at Washington Monthly take on Eric Ericson at Red State throwing down the gauntlet to the GOP on funding Planned Parenthood. Kilgore reprints Eric's nuttiness and points to the fact that you can bet that the Debate Candidates on Thursday will have to buy into PP selling the parts of live babies --already delivered--being hacked to pieces. 

The End Of The Week That Was--Part 2

++Besides telling me abortion is bad,my right-wing emails continue on their Anti-Obama frenzy. He didn't serve in the military.He is presiding over the worst economic recovery since WWII. He is not as good a President as Ike,Reagan, LBJ and Nixon. He is searching for Cecil's killer but not investigating Planned Parenthood. Is Planned Parenthood, the New ACORN?

++Don't leave us! Jon Stewart's last show will be the night of the GOP debate. 

++Another right-wing email has Obama letter Gitmo prisoners free on the streets of America. President Obama has developed the plan to empty Gitmo--repatriate one half remaining and sending the rest to SuperMax prisons, where naturally they will escape, setting a precedent since no terrorists have escape prison.

++Thursday, President Obama held his call-in on the Iran deal. Politico says that President Obama is more intense in his lobbying on the deal than any other initiative. Meanwhile AIPAC is running $25 million of ads against the deal and J Street $2.5 million for the deal.

++Nancy Pelosi says she has enough Democrats in the House to sustain a veto when Congress votes to disapprove.

++The House ran out of town for their five week long vacation. They did nothing. They come back to the debt ceiling at the end of October, spending bills sometime,the ISIS war vote,the Iran deal, and #Benghazi!.

++I think the GOP's master strategy is working--I don't care a fig if they don't raise the debt ceiling and let the credit rating of the US get downgraded. I hope Senator Cruz does shut down the government and that will cost all of us $300 million plus.

++Remember the GOP Congress can't work too hard because the Pope is coming. The Drudge Report alerted the conservatives that Pope Francis is the Anti-Christ.

The End Of The Week That Was

++The Right, not content to close down abortion clinics around the country,got all riled up about their latest sting videos against Planned Parenthood. It didn't take long before Joni Ernst introduced legislation in the Senate to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood. 

++I've actually spent the week receiving e-mails on how horrible Planned Parenthood is. Gee, I never knew my sister and mother were so evil. The irony is the senders voted for Mitt Romney, who made money from medical waste from abortion clinics through Bain Capital.

++I don't know whether this is a twofer--kill stem cell research and ban abortion. A lot of the emails were about Roe Vs. Wade and how horrible this decision was. They approvingly dredged up a Ruth Ginsberg quote about how she thought the original Roe v. Wade was about population control. 

++Then we have the right-wing rift on Planned Parenthood is eugenics against Black folk--which given their current ideology should be a positive thing.

++Of course, I didn't tamper the outrage down when I said I ordered my baby parts for my annual #Benghazi! barbecue. This year because baby parts are so sweet I am choosing a Carolina type barbecue sauce.

++Since abortions are icky, then we also should outlaw heart operations because they are really icky on video.

++So we end the week with Rand Paul vowing to defund Planned Parenthood because that's what libertarians do. Ted Cruz says he will attach such a bill to the debt ceiling and close down the government. 

++Meanwhile Governor Pence ordered an investigation into Planned Parenthood . The results--PP passed with flying colors. California has put a ban on the video in that state that names names of people involved in PP. Ah, are we seeing another Dr. Tiller murder plot emerge.

++I can not think of anything as subversive as gynecological exams. PP should become more aggressive with their PR since their services deal with sexually transmitted diseases and preventive health issues. The comments on some blogs by people's experience with PP is actually heartwarming, speaking of the kindness of the personnel. But if you used satisfied customers as promo you expose them to threats.

++Of course,such attacks are meant to generate money. The hack into the PP data base was to generate fund-raising letters for the Right. 

++If you lose the fight against gay rights, why not continue your war on women? 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Number 17--Jim Gilmore

++ The former Governor of Virginia Jim Gilmore just filed his papers to become the 17th GOP candidate for President. He's as exciting as George Pataki. 

Florida GOP Primary Poll

++St. Pete Polls has the Donald at 26.1%, JEB! at 20%,Walker at 12.2% and Rubio at 9.7%.

++Pretty sorry showing by Rubio and the JEB!, considering he was once the governor.

Morning Coffee

++Is Mullah Omar finally dead? Or is this an Abe Vigoda joke. Afghan government officials are investigating whether the Taliban's Mullah Omar died over two years ago. Then what was the story a few months ago that Mullah Omar wanted peace talks?

++The Koch Brothers are "freezing " The Donald out of their political structure. I love how Politico can say this with a straight face and not comment on whether private individuals should have "front groups" and political data. The idea is to prevent the Donald from building a professional political operation. The Battle of the billionaires.

++Meanwhile we in the Beltway, can't wait for Congress to leave before it does more damage. It now has an approval rate of 8%. 

++Rep. Meadows has filed a petition to remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House because he has weakened the power of congress.

++Mitch McConnell has made some agreement with Rep. Lee that he will pursue the repeal of Obamacare through reconciliation, which would make it veto proof. The two men say that it would be a bill that would be in effect on January 2017 so that a Republican President could sign it. Another reason that you need to vote in a Democrat President and Senate. It seems to me the GOP are measuring the drapes a little early.

++Since there are no reasons, the GOP wants to end any federal funding for Planned Parenthood and will waste their time on abortion and birth control before the summer recess.

++The House is going to introduce an anti-gay measure under the guise of religious freedom to protect heteros from icky gay married people.

++It's still God, Gays and Guns for the GOP.

++Mike Huckabee doubled down on his statement that President Obama is leading Israelis to the doors of the ovens. He said that he knows because he has seen the doors of the ovens at Auschwitz. 

++Huckabee says God is more real to him than clouds. Seems to me the GOP position on climate change. 

++Hillary Clinton has waffled three times on her answers about the Keystone XL Pipeline and that is creating a fuss among her critics.

++Hillary will be testifying before the #Benghazi! committee sometime in October. The GOP will be trying to go for the knockout punch.

++Rick Perry says that if you go to the movies you should take guns.

++Chris Christie says that enjoy the dope while it lasts because he is going to crackdown when he's President. Phew! Nothing to worry about there.

++The Bernie-Hillary duel is getting interesting but Hills still maintains ginormous leads against Bernie. Concern is that she is lapsing into 2008 mistakes. 

++Bibi says there is nothing to talk to John Kerry about because he put Israel's fate on the negotiating table.  Kerry is visiting the Middle East but didn't schedule Israel.

++Leon Weseltier ,the man accused by former Israeli ambassador Oren as a self-hating Jew, breathes fire against the Iran nuclear deal. I'm not surprised by the venom against President Obama.

++In past years, this blog worried whether President Obama would get out of the country as his Asian trips were postponed. Now I wish he would come back so some sense of reality would intrude on America.

++There seems to be an epidemic of African-American women dying in jail cells. I guess this is a ploy to make people think there is racism in the country. The Susan Bland case raises more issues every time the authorities open their mouths. Eating marijuana ? Really? The demon weed. 

++John Boehner proposes a three-week funding bill for highways. Ahhm, now how does that work? Have you noticed how budget bills fall off the cliff with these guys? 

++What is it ? 16 months before the Presidential election. Is there a magic formula where the GOP can say presto, chango and look like there are ready to govern.

++My conservative e-mail is exultant that consumer confidence is drooping and that economic indicators are wobbly. They have revved up their supply side machine. I have received detailed explanations about how liberals don't understand Reaganeconomics. Since they don't know. It's called having Paul Volker at the FED crushing inflation and cutting top income tax rates and creating large national debt. El problem is that we don't have soaring inflation and our tax rates are below Reagan's time. 

++The other conservative e-mails are that "liberals" and the world Left--there is now a World Left--want to install the new world order with the Iran nuclear deal. The unanimous approval by the Security Council of the Iran deal is just a preliminary step to making President Obama the secretary-general of the United Nations, fulfilling his Leftist agenda. I kid you not.

++There have been over 130 pro-confederate flag demonstrations since the killings at Brother Emmanuel. 

++Meanwhile Obamacare premiums in California are slated to rise only 4% this year. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PPP poll on Nuclear Deal

++54% for the Iran nuclear deal; 38% against.
++ Democrats 75% for and 17% against
++GOP , 36% for and 54% against
++ 544% are for Congress moving the deal forward,39% are against.

The Nuke Boys Back The Iran Nuclear Deal

++Yes, Sam Nunn and Dick Lugar back the Iranian nuclear deal. Also, Brent Scowcroft. And go throw in Ernest Moniz and you have a winner.

CNN/ORC Poll On Nuclear Deal

++Obama's Approval Rating 49% and disapproval 47%.

++The majority of Democrats want Congress to approve the Iran Nuclear Deal; 52% are against, 44% are for. Sander Levin in the House came out today to endorse the deal, it is rumored that Chuck Schumer is against the deal. Bibi has sent his top guns to the United States to fight the deal. The question remains whether Congress can disapprove the deal and still not have a veto proof majority.

Monmouth University Poll On New Hampshire

++Monmouth University polled New Hampshire and found that the Donald has a 2-to-1 lead over Jeb!. The Donald is at 24%, Bush 12%, Kasich at 7%, Walker 7%,Rubio 6%, Carson 5%, Paul 5% and Christie is at 4%.

++A-Rod is one of four major leaguers who hit homers when they were teenagers and when they were 40. 

A-Rod Homers for His 40th, making hjm one of $ who hit hrs as a teenager and as a 40-year old

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A-Rod Hits 3 Hrs.

++As A-Rod hits 40 years old,let's reconsider the fate  of baseball greats that were tainted by brushes with steroids. I say it is time to induct Roger Clemens,Mike Piazza, and Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame. Nate Silver says we should do this if we deduct 30% from the totals of these stars. Bonds would still make it with plenty to spare. Pete Rose, as obnoxious as he is, deserves entry. Are we supposed to have a Hall of Fame for different stimulants--Babe Ruth for alcohol, Willy Mays and Roberto Clemente for speed, and a different one for steroids. What happens to Doc Ellis who pitched a no-hitter on LSD. Now that is amazing.

++So when the time comes,we have to consider A-Rod.

++As President Obama makes his way to Ethiopia,there have been plenty of polls on the presidential race. The Donald is romping in New Hampshire and is closing on Walker in Iowa. National polls still favor Hillary, while state polls show her unfavorables are dragging her down. 

++But is summer, which brings the worse out in Americans. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

President Obama Lands in Kenya

++President Obama landed in Nairobi, Kenya to become the first sitting American President ever to visit the country. He was met at the airport by Jomo Kenyatta's son,the current head own state, and Bara Obama's stepsister.

The Wrecking Crew --Part 2

++No, they haven't given up. Jeb! speaking about Medicare wants it phased out. Speaking before Americans for Prosperity, Jeb likened his program to Paul Ryan's harebrained scheme to give Medicare eligible people vouchers. FYI--as someone eligible for Medicare this September, Ryan's plan would cost me an additional $6,800--which I don't have. So if I can;t afford the Republican plan, how many millions of Americans would get screwed. A senior citizen barked at Jeb!--"I paid into it every year and now you want to take it away from me." Yes, he does.

++The rightwing blogosphere is saying that Social Security Disability is running out of money and should be cut. Having a brother-in-law on it and knowing what a lifesaver it has been for both him and his family, you might want to know that ,yes, periodically SSDI does have a shortfall, which is easily remedied by the larger Social Security Trust Fund reimbursing it. This has gone on for years.

++On Social Security, the Democrats managed to kill a Senate proposal to cut Social Security in real dollars and extend the retirement age. This will go on. The GOP is committed to privatizing Social Security, which would be bedlam and create trillions in new debt.

++The other "hot" issue for the right now is Medicaid. Medicaid expansion saves hospitals, particularly in rural areas where the GOP base live , and saves state's monies. But the Red states, nearly 20 of them, refused to expand the program because of the original Obamacare Supreme Court decision. 

++Then we have the continued war against Planned Parenthood. Besides the abortion issue,the Right's attack on Planned Parenthood has to do with contraceptives and a woman's right to choose. She doesn't even get to the abortion stage, just birth control.

++Then we have the Republican's attacking pensions. I guess no one gets older anymore. What in the social contract, don't they understand. There is nothing in the GOP anymore that speaks to the infirm or the elderly.

Piyush Jindal Wants You To Think He's John McCain

++In one of his most amazing moments, John McCain suspended his presidential campaign to deal with the national economic crisis. Well,Piyush Jindal thinks that's a great idea.

++Piyush suspended his presidential campaign--as sort of a way to remind you he is running--because of the movie theater shootings by a tea bagger in Lafayette, Louisiana. He said it was so he can be close to the community and soothe the grieving.

The Wrecking Crew

++Here they go again. Mitch McConnell is going to hold a vote on Sunday to repeal Obamacare and to authorize the reauthorization of the ExIm Bank. This is considered a compromise because Ted Cruz is declaring McConnell is a liar about the bank.

++The Senate, meanwhile, is trying to repeal the Dodd-Frank legislation because --see all our financial blues have gone away and the financial sector is so responsible.

++The Republicans are also pushing legislation to get  the Treasury to hire debt collectors to collect taxes, not IRS agents.

++On the last point, Thomas Frank's "Wrecking Crew" portrays true W administration has ushering in the privatization of government services. Strangely, the actual size of the federal government is the same as it was in the 1960s. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dodger Great Fernando Valenzuela Became An American Citizen Yesterday

J Street Poll

++A poll conducted by sociologist Stephen Cohen shows that 53% of the American Jewish community supports the Iranian deal and 35% do not.

++In the same poll, 41% of all Americans support the deal, while 38% do not.

Oh myyy

++John Kerry is giving as good as he gets at the Senate committee by saying the Republicans wanted a unicorn deal where Iran would capitulate on everything. He was accused of being bamboozled by the Iranians.

++About the side agreements, which the Times of Israel is now trumpeting as torpedoing the deal,are not usually shared with Congress or anyone else. Senator Menendez said that the deal was like letting the fox guard the chicken coop.

++Meanwhile the Saudi Foreign Minister said that,yes, this deal look like it will prohibit Iran from making the bomb as advertised.

++John Kerry went after the $20 million ad campaign by AIPAC and that it was deceitful because it didn't say that the deal actually did or did not do.

++John Kerry said that President Obama was committed that Iran not get the bomb and he actually developed a bomb--the Bunker Bomb--which would do just that, something his predecessor failed to do.

++The Socialist Worker weighed in to say liberal Democrats are fooling the American people because the U.S.,China and Russia have no right to demand Iran do anything.

++Democrats are reporting that they are solidifying their support in the Senate . The last two days have shown that they are holding tough.

I would be remiss

++If I didn't mention the New York Times Editorial on the "Deceptive Campaign Against Planned Parenthood."

++A sting operation mounted by a fake non-profit tried to portray Planned Parenthood of selling fetal tissue to medical labs for profit.

++The campaign has triggered to Congressional Investigations and laws in Arizona and North Carolina.

++Of course, this isn't true because it is outlawed anyway and the tapes show clearly that the money mentioned was about shipping costs. The disposal of the fetal material for medical purposes can only be done with the patient's permission.

++We all know what this game is. That's why this blog has said time and time again that only 3% of Planned Parenthood's activities were devoted to abortion services. However, I think that played into its critics hands. What is 100% of Planned Parenthood was devoted to abortion services? It's still legal--although threatened. 

Kerry Is Pontius Pilate--Senator Cotton

++John Kerry is undergoing the Inquisition by the Senate Republicans today. The big crime by the Obama Administration, besides existing,is that there are side agreements by then IAEA with Iran. Not only that but inspectors have to come from countries that has normalized relations with Iran.

++I was flagged on the side agreement flaps when the AP printed a story that Susan "# Benghazi!" Rice " admitted" there were side agreements between the IAEA and Iran. 

++Please, reader, remember the attacks by the Republicans on the IAEA work in Iraq where they concluded Saddam did not have a nuclear program because it had been destroyed during the First Gulf War.

++By all accounts the IAEA has done a superb job under its new leadership on the issue of Iran. The so-called "side agreements" were noted by the press coverage of the Vienna negotiations where they said an IAEA team was in Tehran negotiating an agreement on Iran notifying the IAEA about the military intent of the program pre-2003. 

++At least, John Kerry got in that we have 24/7 access to all "known" nuclear sites--a significant number. If we suspect a site of nuclear activity , then the 24 day rule goes into effect.

++The critics of the deal are trying the ole'Iraq game again. Yes, but those "unknown" sites where they really are building a bomb.

++American hero Ernest Moniz told the Senate that he has done simulations on ways Iran can covertly enrich uranium but none could escape detection with the 24 day rule.

++The New York Times printed an article about nuclear arms experts saying how you might be able to avoid detection, if Iran was working on detonators for a bomb. If the work was so small scale , then they could clean up.

++So no one has mentioned the very small stockpile of uranium that will be left , which will only be enriched at a 33% level, when you have to get to 96% to get to bomb quality uranium. 

++The hearings are being held in bad faith. None of the Republicans want to approve the deal or any negotiations with Iran. Senator Corker said that we started out attempting to dismantle the entire nuclear infrastructure and now we have legitimized it.

++Yesterday a rally was held to put pressure on Senator Schumer in New York. The speakers were Alan Dershowitz speaking as a liberal Democrat, James Woolsey,Joe Leiberman, George Pataki and others.

++I was in Paris with Woolsey when he made a presentation that resembled a Red Scare speech during the Wilson era.

++I guess I was right-this is the Obamacare for national security geeks. So maybe it makes sense that Obama is Hitler with Obamacare and John Kerry is Pontius Pilate. But whose Jesus Christ?

PPP-Repubican Poll

++The Donald 19%
     Walker       17%
     Jeb!           12%
     Carson       10%
     Rubio         10%

Washington Post/ABC poll on Three-way Race

++Among registered voters--Clinton 46%, Bush 30%, The Donald 20%.

++the Donald has threatened a third party big of not treated better by the RNC.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

While Everyone Debates President Obama's Place In History--A Voice Emerges

++Marco Rubio says, "President Obama has no class."

Silly Poll Results

++ It should dawn on the reader by now that summers in America are now silly season. As Hillary said, "Americans need to have more Fun!"

++PPP found that Bernie Sanders would receive 47% of the vote versus The Donald at 37%.

The Donald Continues To Romp

++The Real Clear Politics average poll has the Donald at 18.0%,Jeb! at 13.8%, and Walker at 10.8%.

++The Wall Street Journal is afraid that the Donald will result in Ms. Fiorina--the only women--being cut out of the debates. Except she is several people below the 10-person cut off.

Mark Levin Promises Armed Struggle

++Mark Levin promised his radio audience he would lead the armed struggle against President Obama's last agenda item--reparations. 

++Jon Stewart asked President Obama how is he going to take away all our arms and establish FEMA camps as well as declare Martial Law in his last eighteen months.

++Is it just me or do Ted Cruz and Scott Walker seem they are creepy people from the 1950s?

++The National Review piece on Bernie Sanders as a Nazi was a flashback to smears during the Cold War. The Young Turks made the point that their YouTube critique of the piece gathered more viewers than the National Review's circulation over a whole year.

++Are we now going to choose which decade we like for smears. The Right's attacks on Hillary are so '90s. Will they get better traction than the '50s? I guess it depends on which decade floats your boat.

++I'm getting the James Ellroy vibe from the current GOP crowd.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Theodore Bikel Dies At 91

Washington Post Calls Jon Kasich The MOst Accomplished GOP Candidate

Washington Post Poll On Normalization of Relations with Cuba

++58% favor normalization with Cuba,24% don't.

E.L. Doctorow Dead at the age of 84

Washington Post Poll on Iran Deal

++56% support the Iran deal;37% oppose.

++But 42% think the deal will do nothing at all in restricting Iran from getting a bomb.

++22% believe it will be not so effective .

++6% think it will work very well.

President Obama on Jon Stewart Tonight

DOJ Refuses To Contest The reversal of Bobby Bonds' Conviction

++In short, the federal court refused to uphold Bobby Bond's condition for the obstruction of justice, the only count he was convicted on because a rambling answer to whether he had taken steroids. Justice is letting the case go. Bobby Bonds is innocent.

++Time to put Bobby and Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame.

John Boehner Sad

++John Boehner was upset that the United Nations Security Council passed the Iran deal only a couple of hours after the House members received their copies of the agreement. He says he will try and do something about this. Maybe Sue?

President Obama Says Diplomacy Was The Responsible Way

++Speaking at the VFW, President Obama attacked those who were chest thumping over the Iranian deal, reminding the audience that it is a sign of strength to solve issues diplomatically. 

++President Obama went on to attack the critics as those who supported the war in Iraq. "And we knew how that turned out."

++President Obama said he was not a peacenik but listed the serious of actions he has taken against terrorists. "If you attack Americans, you have no place to hide."

++He went on to mourn those Marines killed in Tennessee. 

Could We Get This Straight?

++Lindsey Graham called President Obama, the Neville Chamberlain of our time.(because of the Iran Deal)

++Now for an historical perspective,Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were accused of this by the Right for the rapprochement with China and the Nuclear Reduction Treaty withe Soviet Union, respectively.

++But the analogy really gets tortured because President Obama , very frequently in right-wing rhetoric is likened to Adolf Hitler, even with cartoons with a Hitler moustache.

++So what it is? You can't be both Adolf Hitler and Neville Chamberlain. Ben Carson says that Obamacare is like the Holocaust. But then how does Neville factor in?

++I guess I will remain confused.

The Distraction Gains Traction

++Nate "The Great" Silver at 538 says that The Donald is the world's greatest troll.

++The Des Moines-Register says that the Donald is so obnoxious with his remarks that he is a distraction that should gain traction. The Donald ,of course, responded. The Des Moines Register has asked that he remove himself from the race.

++The Donald continues today to calm all the GOP candidates and even threw in Hillary. With Ms. Lindsey he even told an audience to call his cellphone and read out the number.

++The Donald leads all national GOP polls. The POst wanted to downplay his 24% by citing a single day after his remarks about John McCain where he fell to single digits. But factor that in and that 24% must have been up to 30%.

++538's Eten wrote yesterday that if Donald goes third party, you can kiss the GOP good-by in 2016 election.

++Ms. Lindsey did have a good point--Donald has taken away the ability of the GOP candidates to comment on the Iran deal.

Just Thought You Should Know--National Review Thinks Bernie Sanders Is A Nazi

Number 16

++John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, becomes the 16th Republican candidate for the Presidential nomination. If you think John McCain had a temper,John McCain himself said you ain't seen nothing compared with Kasich. 

++Ironically, Kasich has to begin to register in the polls before he is allowed at the Fox News debate to the held in his native Ohio then first week in August.

Monday, July 20, 2015

WashingtonPost/ABC Poll

++Hillary Clinton at 63%
     Bernie Sanders   14%
     Joe Biden           12%
     O'Malley               1%
     Webb                   2%

Washington Post/ABC poll

++The Post claimed that the Donald's share fell significantly after he made the McCain remarks.

++But The Donald leads nationally at 24%.
     The Liberator Tehran, Scott Walker at 13%
     Jeb! comes in at third with 12%

Senator Corker Sad, Senate Didn't Get To Review Nuke Deal Before UN Vote

++Senator Corker had sent a letter with a number of cosponsors requesting that the Obama Administration delay the Security Council vote. The fact they did not exposes the whole fallacy of the Senate review in the first place. It is a multilateral agreement negotiated with the full members of of Security Council.

++Republicans from here on out will confuse this issue because they simply don't understand it. Basically,once the Iranians agree to it in their Mejlis, it is a done deal.

++The Senate can add all sorts of things on but it will be interesting to see how the oilies react with the energy sanctions lifted. Cheney's "Energy Empire" lies dead in the dust.

++The Republicans can choose to embrace American leadership or simply forfeit it. But I understand now why Corker is sad. The train left the station without the Senate and there is no catching up with it. 

John Kerry Says He Is Out Of Politics, Won't Run in 2016

What Scott Walker's War Against Iran On Inauguration Day

++ I would advise all readers to consult Dailykos blogger Kellyb2, a war college graduate, on what war with Iran means.

++Scott Walker has emphasized that he thinks war will be when he is inaugurated. So what would it look like.

++Kellyb2 has a long analysis of what war against Iran would look like.

++Let me summarize: The United States would need 8 million troops for twenty years. The war would cost 65% of our GDP. The Losses would be between 1 and a half million to 3 million dead in combat. There would be five times that amount wounded. 

++If a war went nuclear ,it is estimated that there would be 12 to 14 million dead and 30 million incapacitated. And we haven't taken into account relatiatory actions.

++With the Iran nuclear deal, it is unlikely that Israel would launch a strike. However, if it did it would have to be nuclear and therefore be condemned by planet Earth and set off a series of retaliatory strikes throughout the region and imperil Israel's very existence.

++We know from military planners that an American war against Iran would cost several-fold the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The scenarios do require many more times the soldiers and a very prolonged period of time to succeed.

++As with our other wars, no one has figured out what it means to win. Let's say Iran doesn't build a nuclear device. Isn't that winning? So let's not go to war since we are great at bombing things but not so great at winning things.

Monmouth University Poll On Iowa

++The Donald has a 47% approval rating, 35% disapproved.

++Scott Walker leads with 22%.
     The Donald 13%
     Carson         8%
     Jeb!             7%
     Cruz            7%
     Huckabee    6%
     Rubio          5%
     Paul            5%
     Jindal          4%
     Santorum    3%

Bibi Gets Blasted

++Lapid keeps the attacks coming. He says that no Democrats listen to Dermer anymore. The approval of the deal by the United Nations and the European Union demonstrates that America doesn't listen to Israel anymore, according to Yasir Lapid. The press in Israel is piling on to Bibi saying this is the worst diplomatic defeat in Israel's history.

++Lapid also blasted Bibi for saying he doesn't want a new arms package when the whole Israeli Defense teams does want one. Ashton Carter, who is in Israel now, has met with Israeli defense officials and each side praised the alliance and made provisions for the new package which will contain technologies Israel doesn't have.

++To give you some idea of what the UN vote means,financial and energy sanctions will be lifted by the end of the year. This will allow Iran to freely sell their oil on the world market and allow European businesses to invest in Iran, the 17th largest economy. 

++It's tough to see how the refusal by Congress to approve the deal will hurt Iran. Instead it will isolate the United States. After all the biggest sanctions busters on record are the Koch Brothers and they own the Republican Party.

Jeb! Says He Will Bomb Iran on Day 2

Scott Walker Says He May Have To Bomb Iran His First Day In Office

John Kerry's TV Marathon And Bibi's Catchup

++John Kerry made the stops on four Sunday talk shows ,sometimes with Bibi, sometimes not.

++This morning's Security Council Vote almost makes the subject moot. Now Bibi urged this morning that Congress should at least keep American sanctions in place. Does anyone get a sense of a sinking ship.

++The Israeli Ambassador has been rushing around the Senate, while Jolt'in Joe Biden has made the rounds in support of the agreement. AIPAC launched over the weekend their $20 million ad campaign against the agreement.

++Bibi told the Sunday audiences if Israel is safer with the agreement, then why is Washington offering us more arms. O.K., Bibi, let's withdraw the offer. 

++Bob Menendez,is battling both his corruption case and the Iran deal. Sheldon Adelson is paying his legal expenses because of his anti-Iran position.

++The question, in my mind,is whether the United States wants to be isolated in the world. The Republicans, unwittingly, answer yes by their positions. The Obama Administration was very clever by drafting a Security Council resolution almost immediately when the deal was signed. Senator Corker had sent the White House a letter to delay the Security Council Action. 

++What the Security Council Action does is leave non-nuclear sanctions in place for several years, lift the others. The EU met before the UN Security Council and have lifted theirs. So America can do what it wants. 

The U.N. Security Council Approves Iran Deal 15 to 0

At Midnight,The U.S. and Cuba Normalized Relations

++The United States and Cuba normalized relations at midnight. The Cuban flag was raised to take its place with the other countries at the state department. The Cuban embassy will reopen in Washington today and Secretary of State John Kerry and his Cuban counterpart will have a press conference.

++John Kerry will raise the American flag at the embassy in Cuba when he travels to Cuba in August. 

++To test the communications equipment at the command center in Havana, the ops center tweeted the first message to Washington marked "American embassy", the first time since 1961.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Donald Won't Surrender

++The Donald won't apologize to John McCain. He says his remarks will bring attention to the veterans who are suffering miserably. Weirdly,various blogs,including leftwing blogs, contain posts of veterans who support the Donald. They jump on McCain for not helping the veterans as much.

++Has the Donald figured out a way around Gotcha politics? Ms. Lindsey Graham said McCain is not a loser because he was captured. Meghan McCain said she was glad her brother who is in Afghanistan didn't hear him. Rick Perry says this disqualifies him as Commander-in-Chief, to which the Donald said that Perry did a terrible job on border issues and isn't registering in the polls.

++#26 JEB! ran into problems without commenting on this. His twitter feed was filled with comments on his letter as Governor complaining about John Kerry. The GOP by pretending to protect then honor of one veteran now faces the floodgates of the results of their swift boating of John Kerry. 

++We'll see whether the next polls tell a different story.

Scott Walker Is Beyond Dangerous

++Scott Walker will not recognize the Iran deal. OK, that's the party line. But he wants to put steel in the face of our enemies. Well, this includes Russia and China. He will also increase military spending, as if we don't have enough now.

++Frank Luntz tells us the cheery news that Walker is about in the center of the GOP on foreign policy. So we are back to the GOP world of the United States and Israel. Pretty lonely place to be.

Bernie Tops His Own Record In Phoenix

++Bernie Sanders topped his Wisconsin crowd in Phoenix. His rally in the Convention center even tapped the Donald. It was broadcast live by FOX10, whose reporters were amazed at the turnout. Of course, Netroots appearing in Phoenix at the same time may have been a cause. So Bernie at 11,000. Still waiting for the Obama-size crowd.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Back To Vietnam

++Willard Romney lashed out at The Donald for criticizing John McCain. None of the Romneys have ever served in the military. The Donald admitted he had student deferments and a bone spur. The Donald then went off on John McCain's poor record in helping veterans , which is true,and then said what did we get out of Vietnam but alot of death. 

++Ben Carson at the same Iowa forum said he didn't know whether John McCain was a war hero. Ted Cruz said the refused to go down into the sewer. The RNC decided the Donald criticized the wrong person for nice and said that Republicans never criticized veterans. Tell that to John Kerry whom they mocked with fake purple hearts at the 2004 convention. 

++Jeb! hasn't been heard from because his draft number was 26 and no one knows how he got out of the draft. 

++The Imperial Post was crowing that this will do in The Donald. The Fact he has monopolized all media coverage of the Republicans this week indicates we may see a bounce yet again in his polls. The Donald won't let go. He claims John McCain just appears on Sunday shows and talks, talk, talks but does nothing.

++Meanwhile tomorrow is the big Bibi showdown with war hero John Kerry. They appear on three talk shows in a row. Bibi is revving up the AIPAC machine to votes against the Iran deal.

++Today President Obama spoke in detail about the critiques of the Iran deal. He will be visiting the VFW convention to talk about it.

++Pat Buchanan came out his fog and wrote a very sensible piece about the difficulties the Republicans will have in rejecting the agreement. Pat argues this would leave the United States isolated,Iran free to pursue a nuclear weapon, and the whole word not trusting the United States whose Secretary of State negotiated the whole thing. 

++The Saudis , according to the Christian Science Monitor, will act against Iran before the money flows to tehran from the release of the first tranche of sanctions money. 

++My e-mails from conservative military types are hoping that the Saudis and Israelis will form an alliance to do away with the Palestinian issue and then form a collation to fight the Shia and Persians. Oh Happy Day. Anyone saying that the deal is not a choice between peace and war is lying.

++Scott Walker didn't have a good week. The Progressive magazine did a great TV ad showing what Scott has done to Wisconsin--destroyed it. Word out of New Hampshire has residents reacting to Walker's refusal to have town hall meetings. Walker wants pre scripted venues and wants to avoid any questioning . For his announcement he wore a Kevlar vest and is surrounded by heavy security throughout his campaign. Ed Kilgore at the Washington Monthly is beginning to pay attention to this creature. 

The Donald Keeps Class Alive

++The leading GOP candidate for 2016 said that,"John McCain is a war hero because he got captured. I don't like people who allowed themselves to be captured." 

++Apparently The Donald is channeling Dick Cheney now--both men had five deferments from Vietnam.

Latino Decisions Recalibrates

++Latino Decisions , who had been using the 40% figure to project a GOP victory in 2016, have refigured their numbers and now believe the GOP can only win with 42% or maybe as high as 47% of the vote.

++They compared Mitt Romney's numbers and George W. Bush's numbers and calculated the increase in the Latino population since 2012. The numbers are bleak for the GOP.

John Kerry's Quote Of The Day

++To Isaac Herzog,the Zionist Union," No one listens to Netanyahu anymore."

"The Worst Failure In Israeli History"

++Lapid,the chairman of Yesh Atid, wants the Knesset to investigate Bibi's bungling of the nuclear deal diplomacy. He called it the worst failure in the country's history. Israeli papers fluctuate between the ability to live with the deal to outright rejection. Bibi had the whole cabinet vote to reject the Nuclear Deal as if it meant something. 

++The failure could get worse as the Israeli government signed a deal with an American non-profit to air anti-nuke deal ads throughout August ,leading to a September vote in Congress.

++There was no subtlety to this. The Israeli government publicly said they would coordinate all propaganda in the United States to crush the deal. Will the American people actually tolerate a nuclear power who was not a member of the negotiations to propagandize so blatantly in our media?  I would guess in the past,yes but now that the fight is against the government of the United States?


++Paul Krugman writes about why the conservative base should support Trump. They have been told that the political elites are corrupt and anti-American. The trope they believe is that they are under siege. So why not the Donald. Krugman was referring to Richard Pearlstein's essay on Trump as racism Whack-A-Mole.

The Chris Christie Bump?

++Before he announced, Christie was polling 3.0%. After his announcement, he is at 2.7%.  How do we spell TOAST.

Friday, July 17, 2015

NBC On 2016 GOP Victory

++NBC commissioned a poll which showed the GOP needed 40% of the Hispanic vote to win. 

++According to Latin Visions, Jeb! has 27% support, the same as Willard Romney got.

John Kerry Explains The Iran Deal On Morning Joe

++Do yourself a favor and check out John Kerry's explanation of the deal on Morning Joe. It has been posted at Democraticunderground. 

++He explains the real length of the deal--20 years and 25 tears in some cases as well as the ways the United States will monitor it.

++About the Iranian behavior in the region, there are restrictions in place with other UN Security resolutions and that the lifting of the arms and ballistic missile provisions some years out will not change them.

++The Israelis said today that this will trigger an arms race in the region. Yes, we will be adding to arms packages to Israel and Saudi Arabia. So in a way they are right. We will be triggering the arms race.

++The Saudi Foreign Minister hailed the deal but Saudi observers said they are furious anyway. The Saudis do not have any nuclear capability, although they funded A.Q. Khan. They have vowed to get some but observers point out that they would have to agree to the same amount of scrutiny as Iran.

++John Kerry also pointed out the scenarios if Congress votes down the package. Iran won't trust us. Our allies won't trust us. And the sanctions regime collapses. And we will not know what Iran is doing or how to stop them.

So,Who's 30th To Add Medicaid Expansion--Utah or Alaska?

++From the news articles, who came first--Utah or Alaska? I can't tell but both states run by Republicans added the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. If the other states followed, we could actually begin to debate about having a healthcare system.

Mr. President,On Behalf Of An Ungrateful Nation, Thank You

++Dick Meyer of the Denver. ABC7 Channel News, writes a short but powerful editorial about President Obama and his achievements reminding us that he may be a great one.

++And, believe it or not, mid-way through his second term, we still don't have a scandal. What will we do? #Benghazi!, Fast and Furious,Solandra, IRS? Where did they go after millions of dollars spent investigating them. Remember the great days of Iran-Contra and over 300 members of Reagan's team indicted, or Watergate,Monica--the lost goes on. But No Drama Obama seems to be heading for the exit untouched.

++Politico had a piece that President Obama may actually have a more productive second term than first. They quoted Ken Timmerman, who served in Reagan's administration and who, by the way, is skeptical of the Iran deal,saying that President Obama may have avoided the disease faced by modern Presidents of awful second terms. 

++Remember W couldn't be found the second term and everything went awry as if no one was home.

++As Dick Meyer reminds us Barack Obama as the first African-American President and his family have faced more death threats than all the Presidents and their families combined. Yet President Obama and his family have handled these personal attacks with style and grace and courage. 

++VOX had a piece  earlier this week that shows that President Obama may be one of the most consequential Presidents in modern history. Modern, apparently, means ,post FDR. 

++So while the Beltway howls the next few months about the Iran deal--sort of like they howled after President Nixon announced he was going to China and President Reagan had concluded his deal withe Soviet Union--remember the dignified President who still has something in the tank.

++Thank you, Dick Meyer for an editorial putting President Obama in perspective. 

The Donald at Number 1 in the Fox Hit Parade

++Donald Trump is at number 1 with 18% of the vote, Walker with 15% and Jeb! with 14% in the new FOX poll. President Obama is at 48%, the highest in 3 years.

AP Poll

++91% of liberal Democrats approve of President Obama's performance as President.

Washingtonpost/ABC Poll

++60% support listing sanctions on Iran for the nuke deal.

++47% of Israelis are for a military strike against Iran.

Hell Froze Over

++After thousands of insults, snide remarks,shouting "you lie" at the State of the Union, a republican actually blasted the people in his home state for the disrespect shown to the President.

++House Republican Tom Cole blasted the demonstration against the President in Oklahoma with people having confederate flags. He went on with several adjectives to criticize their lack of respect as President Obama visited El Reno prison to talk about justice reform.

Just No Respect

++Huffingtonpost decided to stop covering the Donald as political news and now will cover him as entertainment. 

++Why didn't they do this with the whole Republican Party throughout the Obama era?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

John Boehner On The Iranian Deal

++ " It Blows My Mind."

Today's Trivia Question Brought To You By Major League Baseball

++i actually guessed at this and got it right.

++" Which Hall of Fame Pitcher faced the most batters in All-Star Games?

++Answer: "Don Drysdale of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Double D faced 69 batters in 8 All-Star appearances. Four of those were as the starter.

John McCain On Donald Trump

++ "He's Fired Up The Crazies."

Here's A Bizarre Fact

++The Iranian cabinet has more graduates from American colleges and universities than anywhere else in the world.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Greece MP's Vote For Austerity Package--Pray Forn Greece


U.S.Presents UN Resolution--Vote Maybe Monday

Finally the E-mails Arrive

++I have waited since the deal was signed for the Right to produce their cases against it as opposed to just the usual Black man ruined our war nonsense.

++This afternoon, the Right circulated a very detailed and clever e-mail by a guy named Neal Pollack which presented the issue as Could President Obama Get A Better Deal? He lists what we got in a misleading way and then what Iran got in a misleading way. His key errors were in the monitoring mechanisms and the failure to note that we would have 24/7 access to all the none nuclear sites. He failed to note that the international community already ruled Bushear is totally civilian. He did not note that European scientists will be operating Furdow as a research facility or that we have access to all other sites. 

++The key charge is that we need to give 24 hour notice for inspections. This was the talking point used by Jon Karl at the press conference to day. But Pollack implies that is for all sites. No, it is for military sites we suspect of being nuclear. If the Iranians refuse ,then we appeal to a committee who rules. But this only applies to the suspected military sites.

++Another aspect is the Bibi complaint that they will get a windfall of money (their own) and will use it to fund Hezbollah,Hamas and others. Probably will.

++Also that the arms embargo is only extended for 5 years and ballistic missiles for 8 years. I was surprised that the negotiators could do that.

++Also Pollack claims that Russia and China can veto the snap-back of sanctions. No,absolutely incorrect. This is not a Security Council vote it is a vote of the negotiators.

++But Pollack's e-mail is easy to use and circulate.