Thursday, July 6, 2017


Trump wandered off again in Poland. This is becoming a habit as the Secret Service looked on in bafflement. Trump warned that we have to defend Western civilization or be destroyed. He went on to criticize CNN and our intelligence services. He counted again whether Russia interfered in our election. 

Meanwhile the EU signed a trade deal with Japan that encompasses 30% of the world economy.

Both Americans and Europeans trust Angela Merkel over Trump. 

The American delegation is so disorganized that they forgot to book a hotel In Hamburg in time so Trump has to stay in Berlin and commute to the G-20 meetings.

Trump chided Russia and swore allegiance to NATO while Rex Tillerson said that the time has come for a joint Russia-American operation in Syria. Tillerson said that the Trump administration was ready to adopt "No Fly Zones" in Syria and deliver humanitarian aid.

From abroad, this looks like a sad and bizarre pageant, while the G-20 cleans our clocks.

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