Monday, July 3, 2017


I'll be up tomorrow. But it is interesting that a far-right assassin was supposed to kill Macron when Trump visits. 

I met Ed Rendell in Paris and asked him whether he won the race in Alpha House. He told me the producers never told him. 

The US news was Trump tweeting against CNN. The rest of the world news was about war and the literal destruction of Mosul during its liberation from Daesh. 

I offered the leadership of the Free World to the German Christian Democrats but they didn't want it.

The British Conservatives felt ashamed by their campaign. They said you know it is bad when Corbyn now has his own fashion line. They said they were mortified by the alliance with the Northern Irish party.

Human rights activists from Syria made emphatic presentations at the conference I was at and begged the West to intercede with humanitarian aid.

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