Tuesday, April 4, 2017


The Republicans tried to make "unmasking" the issue in the Russia scandal and said that it was all Susan Rice's fault. Josh Marshall put this in perspective in his read out of the Trump administration's ham-fisted attempt to change the narrative.

The good news is that the major media is not buying it. Rand Paul decided to go in on this story that Susan Rice "unmasked" the names of those Trump people talking to the Russians for political purposes. Susan Rice appeared on NBC to be interviewed by Angela Mitchell and methodically explained the process and that she could not unilaterally do this or circulate the info. The right said it was a softball interview. I suggest they grill her on #Benghazi!

If that doesn't do the trick,there is Clinton Cash trying to revive the issue of Jon Podesta's brother having a contract to represent a Russian bank. He giot about 25K out of this. Or Hillary Clinton giving away the uranium to Russia--something 11 agencies had to sign off on and she had no role in.

Carter Paige says he doesn't like being labeled a spy, while the Russian spy called him an idiot.

The Eric Prince African adventure relates to the hair-brained scheme of trying to get Russia to back away from Iran in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.  This idea was floated by Michael Ledeen in the Wall Street Journal and you should be aware. The Bannon faction believes Russia is the most reliable ally in a war against radical Islam. And that securing their cooperation is the most important thing the United States can do.

That explains some recent stunts such as Rex Tillerson explaining we don't want to topple Assad in Syria and Trump welcoming the Butcher of Cairo,President Cessi to the White House and saying he is doing a "fantastic job"

Meanwhile Assad gassed civilians in Syria and Cessi has killed or jailed 1,000s in Egypt.

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