Friday, May 12, 2017


Pierce tries to imagine Richard Nixon sitting down with Walter Cronkite to talk about firing the Special Prosecutor because he wanted to stop the Russian investigation . And that threatening Archibald Cox with the "tapes". 

Pierce has settled where I am is that Trump was a laudromat and Russia needed to do its laundry. And that's what we find out about this sordid affair. That Trump cared about his business and image as a billionaire and two hoots for our democracy.

Pierce through in and shocker to me. He claims the Sinclair Dossier maintained Russian foreign minister Lavrov was Trump handler. When Malcolm Nance snakily said Trump handler paid a visit to the Oval office to see whether his asset was still up to it, I though he was referring to Russian ambassador Kislyek. Apparently not.

Everyone admitted this looked bizarre. On Trump's call with Putin, Putin asked him to receive Lavrov in the Oval office. He does so after he fired Comey. And only TASS was allowed in. And there is no record of what transpired. And there was Kislyek, who has been the figure who ignited all this investigation in the first place. Kislyek is notorious for being a great recruiter of spies in host countries. Given the context of the players and the political situation in the United states ,it was truly startling

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