Saturday, May 13, 2017


Very odd but intriguing piece Forbes of all places published. They were skeptical about Comey actually needed new resources for the Russian probe. Instead they said he putting down markers if the administration were going to try and stall the investigation. He in essence put it on the DOJ. Comey wanted to avoid being the guy called out on inaction.  And when he was fired,the DOJ had to say the Russia investigation was going on because they had to fire the real reason Comey was fired.

Now Rod Rosenstein is between a rock and hard place because he has to allow it to continue or appoint a special prosecutor.

Forbes writes that Comey's move means the system is still working.

Last night Rachel Maddow indulged in all our paranoia by gaming out ways the investigation can be stopped. Then she worked down to getting rid of the Inspector Generals at DOJ and other agencies. But then she showed the law that allowed a President to do so. Yet even there he would have to give 30 days advanced warning.

The train is already out of the station.

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