Wednesday, May 3, 2017


The direction now has gone in the direction of leaving. The world's largest agreement to deal with climate change and what I consider an extraordinary act of American diplomacy which took the US over three years to cobble together might be undone by the United States.

You should know there is a four year exit plan and a 1 year exit plan. By the terms of the agreement,a state can inform the UN in year 3 it is withdrawing in year 4. As I have already written,the United States probably will meet the requirements of the first four years even with all the distruction by Trump.

But the EPA director Pruitt wants one year. He wants to avoid all the lawsuits that have begun over the rollback of Obama's regulations by environmental groups.

What a one-year plan entails is that the United States must pull out of the 1992 UN agreement on the climate, which led to regulations aimed at the ozone layer and freon use. Everything since 1992 which we have agreed to would have to be renounced. 

Just so Scott Pruitt can avoid lawsuits. Meanwhile the US status in the world would continue to sink.

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