Wednesday, May 10, 2017


As this moved along,Mensch gets more specific. While I have been hooting about the subpoenas issued down the street from me on Flynn and his business associates,Mensch reports that the bulk of the subpoenas are actually in the New York grand jury. 

She and Schindler predict the first arrest coming soon--maybe tomorrow. 

In other news,people like Malcolm Nance are saying that Europeans are preparing document dumps of their own. I imagine one will be the Dutch case against Trump on money laundering. Nance says they will be substantial.

There is now a whole Twitter stockpile on Kompromot--or the material used to compromise a target. Most half baked but a thread that does ring true. Republican congressional leaders are compromised by information on their mistresses and family dynamics. 

When we all ask when the GOP will have enough with Trump, maybe the question is how compromised are they?

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