Saturday, May 6, 2017


The marches so far have produced modest successes. Here in Washington, the March for Science,I'm convinced, produced the additional funding for science contrary to the Trump administration. 

The Native Americans march saw the Supreme Court ratified the protection of the northern Alaska territory for wildlife and they will soon file motions on Alaskan offshore drilling. The Interior Department did not meet with the Ute leaders on Bear's Ears, which is threatened by Trump in the review of the national monuments.

The March on Climate Change did nothing to change the EPA. In fact, the EPA eliminated their scientific advisory council,erased the climate change data from their website and deleted the climate change information for children to use. Rahm Emmanual put the data up on the Chicago municipal website.

But you have progress in green energy. Block Island, Rhode Island, is now 100% run by the first wind farm in the United States.

11 Governors representing over 178 million people wrote the Trump regime a letter demanding the United States stay in the Paris Climate Change Accord.

The largest march in American history was the Women's March. Over 1 million marched. I think Planned Parenthood got their funding this year because of it. But the discussion on women's issues on Trumpcare was essentially negative and a step backward. We would resort to a difference in what women pay for insurance than men. Rape,abuse become pore-existing conditions.Secretary Price has said he wants to eliminate birth control from the insurance plans. And as always there are no women on the Republican side of the Senate to moderate the extremity of the Freedom Caucus. However, the women's march has generated an unprecedented number of women looking to run in every type of election.

I don't know what is scheduled ahead. We have some by-elections . The Georgia by-election is now officially the most expensive in American history.

But I think this week's events showed how absolutely soulless Trump and the GOP are. This is how to understand them. Soul-less people seemed to be daunting and invincible until you realize that fundamental fact--there is no there there.

The same holds true of the alt right. New York magazine has a cover piece on the "Reactionary counterculture" with Andrew Sullivan among many writers covering them. In my opinion they are just creepy. They are basically the kids of wealthy parents who question their self-worth. They put together a grab bag of the most outr√© political ideas generated in Europe and Russia for shock value,attention. 

New York magazine called it the "most powerful political movement of our time". Yes,it certainly is something to be concerned about. But again they are soul-less.

The Resistance has brought thousands out of political inactivity. I would argue it is way far more powerful than the alt right and the GOP. We need a win to keep the momentum going.

I think that the way to view the Trump regime as Death. He has dead eyes. I would and have argued he has alzheimer's. But the bottom-line there is no life in the White House.

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