Monday, May 8, 2017


The Hill reported that the Trump White House asked GOP Senators to kill her appearance. WHY?

She came across as a 27-year vet of the Justice Department. That was frustrating because she was scrupulous in not mentioning classified material. However she was specific about the items she discussed with the White House counsel. 

She told the White House that General Flynn was compromised by the Russians. But the explanation is not as racy as we would like. 

She was also asked how it was that Flynn wasn't fired for 18 days. She didn't know. That appears as the missing question. 

The Republicans tried to criticize her for not defending the travel ban. Suggesting that any attorney general has to do it. Unfortunately the Senators didn't show much conscience or legal acumen on constitutional issues. 

Josh Marshall argues today that Flynn would not have been fired unless the press had released the news Yates had warned them. 

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