Friday, May 12, 2017


I highly recommend you watch this documentary by Dutch journalists on Trump financial connections to Russian and Kazah mobsters. It is posted today at democratic underground. 

Rachel Maddow has done terrific journalism on Trump's dubious business relations but I think this documentary makes the connections clearer and shows that financial lawyers and journalists are a whole other layer of the case against Trump.

This has been known for years but it directly impacts on the Russian connection and the strange way Trump keeps saying he has no business in Russia. This documentary shows one "business partner through shell companies is Putin himself". 

This investigative work has been done for years so firing Comey can't stop it. 

You will actually see Felix Sater on screen. Remember Josh Marshall spent some time writing about Felix but saying his becoming an FBI informant and cooperating with the CIA muddles the issue. This documentary actually shows why that is not a problem in getting Trump for financial crimes because you can't do business even with companies where one partner has a criminal past.

The Dutch documentary promises a Part II.

One side note: one of the criminal front companies was created with the assistance of Rudy Guiliani, who now is under the gun for his "assistance" to Iranian-American money launderer.

Eugene Robinson wrote a column in today's Washington Post that Trump committed the cover-up yesterday but where's the crime?  I think you would find ample proof in this documentary.

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