Monday, May 22, 2017

The Week That Was.

So Rob Rosenstein admitted we are in criminal territory in the Russian probe. He also said he knew Trump would fore Comey. Then why did he write the memo?

We found out that Trump told the Russians he fired that nut job Comey and now feels the pressures off . Comey's father responded that Trump is the nut job.

Former FBI director Mueller was appointed as special counsel on the Russia probe but also the business dealings with Trump associates.

Trump wants Joseph Lieberman as FBI Director. Joe is actually older than Trump.

Rachel Maddow spent all her show trying to tell us how Trump can sabotage the whole investigation. But the news agencies have stepped up their game and it is doubtful Trump Team can get away with it.

The stories I have posted about the subpoenas is true. One name that I didn't get was Mike Caputo, a Trump campaign worker who spend months working in Russia during the race.

The initial response of Republicans was to breathe a sigh of relief that Mueller would take care of things and they wouldn't have investigate anything.

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