Saturday, May 6, 2017


Andrew Sullivan writes today about how being HIV+ and having obamacare allowed him to quit his job and create the Daily Dish. He writes that Obamacare was based on his conservative principles and a basic sense of decency. He writes how he and his husband could plan knowing that they could handle any medical emergency.

He writes the latest House version has convinced him that American conservatism is now just callous and reactionary and willingly wants to punish the sick. He goes on to say this is a breaking point for him and they he will back any Democrats know to fight this scourge and hopes people like me feel the same.

Andrew's piece is important to capture what I have stressed that those of us--my son and myself--who survive in a gig economy can enhance our lives with the certainty of Obamacare. The flexibility allows the millennial generation to keep on creating.

One can not underestimate the revulsion Andrew describes about what happened in the House and its stark portrayal of House Republicans. E.J.Dionne writes movingly about how this does show you what the core of the GOP is and we can forget Paul Ryan's little trips to Anacostia because he does not have any empathy for the poor and minorities.

The best thing that has come out of this hideous health bill is a true picture of Paul Ryan ,the fraud and phony.

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