Saturday, May 6, 2017


A blogger at explains how wrong the media is about calling the Rose Garden celebration of the House Republicans spiking the football at half time. He writes that it even the first quarter.

Which makes me wonder why the House even went through with it without a CBO scoring. Especially since we saw how mean and vindictive it is. 

The cajun explains what happens in the Senate and even if there is no cloture vote, it will have to be more moderate than the House version. That means it has to go to reconciliation and even then the bill would have to garner the majority in both the House and Senate.

The reconciliation bills would have to be voted on in both the House and Senate--and have to pass before there is a final bill. 

Cajun is backing on the Freedom Caucus voting against a final bill and sabotaging it in the House. In any event,the Democratic leverage is enormous. Think about how long Obamacare took with energetic Democrats guiding the way and how many hearings--over 70--before a final bill was done.

The final bill will be done sometime, I predict ,in the Spring of 2016. Just in time for the by-elections.

So stay strong.

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