Friday, June 23, 2017


Igor Volsky of the Ceneter for American Progress noted on the Bradcast that there literally is no constituency for the Senate health bill. He said it is as if Republicans feel they will never be in free election ever again.

Just some of the organizations that have opposed the Senate bill:
League of Women Voters blasted it as worse than the House bill.
AARP says it will hold all 100 Senators responsible for it.
AHA--The American Hospital Associationthat represents 5,000 hospitals blasted the Medicare cuts.
The American Essential Hospitals Group, which represents 300 hospitals in poorer places lamented the negative effects on the ovoid crisis.
The Federation of American Hospitals urged the Senate to hit reset.
The Association of Medical College ,which represents all medical colleges,says the bill only allows bare bones plans that will not provide Obamacare coverage.

So let's go to the videotape:
The elimination of the hospital payroll tax shortens Medicare by 3 years.
27 million are covered by employer policies that will be affected by an end of annual and lifetime caps. Wilfred and Watson group says that 20% of large employers want to put caps on medical expenses. As a Result,they will choose to have all their benefits in a state that waives all of the Obamacare benefits.

The bill takes $1 trillion out of Medicare. 74 million Americans receive Medicare. 49% of birth are paid by Medicaid,64% of all nursing homes,76% of all poor children have healthcare from Medicaid, 29% of all middle class kids. 

Now The bill changes the way Medicaid is paid for  and the formula would mean it would rise at a slower rate.In essence this is the block grant idea I have written about before. States will receive less federal money to fund their Medicaid programs and have to tighten eligibility and force more people off the program.

Volsky also talked about "Job Block" that existed before Obamacare. In other word you want to work in some other occupation but you stay in a job you hate just for the health insurance. With the elimination of basic benefits ,then you mate be placed in high-risk pools as in the past, which are always underfunded and cost an exorbitant rate to get insurances.

Volsky sees only one "benefit" that if you ar younger and healthy you can buy "supreme policies" that are insurance in name only and don't pay benefits when you are sick. But since there is no mandatory insurance,what is the incentive of the young and healthy to buy insurance.

DEATH RATE: The Center for American Progress measured deaths using the the pro and after of the Massachusetts Plan. If the original house plan left 23 million uninsured, 27,700 would die, If 19 million without insurance,23,000 annually,if only 15 million without insurance 18,000.

They estimate the Senate bill will kill 217,000 over 10 years--4 times the deaths in the Vietnam War. All for some tax breaks.

Senator Heller from Nevada who said he opposed the Senate bill blasted the legislation by saying it did not lower premiums,it rolled back essential befits, and its cut to Medicaid were unacceptable.

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