Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow warns that the Senate Judiciary under Senator Grassley and Lindsey Gram are trying to sabotage the Russia investigation. Both men have sent a joint letter to the FBI requesting all warrants issued in the investigation and all the responses to the FISA court. 

In addition they emphasize the Sinclair Dossier, which Trump is obsessed by because it alludes to the Pee-pee tapes. The Senators assert that the Sinclair Dossier has been debunked. Actually two thirds has been confirmed. And they argue that this served as the basis for the Russian-Trump collusion investigation in the first place.  Therefore it is illegitimate.

Maddow makes a good point that the rightwing media and my rightwing emailers are attacking the FBI at every step--Mueller hiring 4 lawyers who donated to Democratic causes (out of 13) and have gone after Comey.  Now they are going after McCabe, Comey's replacement. 

Whether this tactic will succeed is still up in the air. My friends believe Trump has to fire Mueller because he knows he's doomed. Today the USA Today wrote a piece about the army of lawyers Trump has hired on the Russia case.

Rachel did a public service reminding people of how Nixon's people under Watergate tried to discredit the investigation,how W tried to discredit Hans Blix, the UN Arms Control Inspector in Iraq, and Patrick Fitzgerald,the special prosecutor on the Valerie Plame case.So it is part of their playbook.

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