Saturday, June 24, 2017


Naturally he doesn't acknowledge Putin was working for his victory. Trump has his Obama Jones.

Democracyunderground has two clips--1. the Rachel Maddow show on Friday and 2. Hayes on the Washingtonpost piece on Obama's secret struggle against the Russian interference

The point of these pieces was that the CIA had someone placed very close to Putin who saw Putin direct the whole-ranging operation against America.  The intelligence was "silo-ed" so that it took a little longer to gain consensus. Obama tried to get a bipartisan statement warning about Russian interference but Republican leadership in Congress nixed it. The Obama administration offered assistance to the states but many Republican states refused. 

The Obama White House was walking a tightrope because Trump had made a pitch that the election was rigged and making a unilaterally pitch would be seen as tipping the scales for Clinton and fueling the perception that the election was rigged and that it could not be trusted.

John Brennen called his counterpart in the VSB to knock it off and Obama used the red phone to Putin to say not to tamper with the results on election day.

The Obama administration was preparing for the worse and a fifty state effort by the Russians. Obama authorized a covert action to detonate digital bombs on Russia infrastructure but left its implementation to the Trump administration.

What has transpired is that not only were we hacked from abroad but also that Russian national were active in the States. Both the State Department and the FBI were alarmed by the number of Russians with IT skills applying for temporary visas. 

The tensions between the two countries reached the stage of red alert. And yes out voting machines can be hacked as the Senate intelligence committee found out this week from academic computer scientists who actually hack machines for their studies.

Trump has pure gall to go after Obama on this issue since his campaign fed the Russians the voter lists. It was Obama who had to walk the tightrope so we did not move into a hot war. The full story is becoming public with the excellent reporting of the Washington Post, new York Times and Rachel Maddow.

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