Saturday, June 24, 2017


Hitzik has been one of the best mainstream reporters on Health Reform.  Today's column finds all the mean elements in the Senate bill.

The surprises for me are that the tax cuts are retroactive and only apply to people earning over $259,000. 

Hitzik nails how pre-existing conditions  found their way back into the legislation and notes that deep in the bill is the notion that states can waive out of the basic guarantees of Obamacare.

And yes, healthcare CEOs no longer face caps on their salaries but all of us face caps on coverage.

What struck me was that the bill didn't target Medicaid expansion as it did the traditional Medicaid, which has been around 50 years.

No wonder Hillary Clinton said yesterday that the Republicans are the "party of death".

I wonder how defunding Planned Parenthood affects the CBO score because Planned Parenthood serves millions of women and is often the prime caregiver to women.

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