Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Senate Heallthcare Bill

The country's newspapers did not lead with the healthcare bill and its problems. The television coverage was by Republicans an orchestration of lies. Yes,people will be thrown out of nursing homes. Deductibles will be huge and preexisting conditions will become the lay of the land once more. People ages 55-65 will get royally screwed. Their premiums will soar.

This week we should get a CBO score. I hope they throw in what defunding Planned Parenthood would do. 

Several senior GOP Senators didn't believe the bill could be voted on this week. The White House claimed no one would be thrown off Medicaid and Kellyanne Conway said that any adult could find work if they were. Employment status is not the basic reason people are on Medicaid but poverty is.

Senator Manchin of West Virginia says that the Senate bill is worse than the House's. His Republican counterpart in West Virginia Senator Caputo is showing slight signs of courage in her criticism of the cuts to Medicaid which will devastate the already devastated state.

Rob Portman of Ohio is caught in a real bind because his signature issue during his re-election was the opiod epidemic in Ohio--which my visiting musicians have told me is brutal. 

Maine's Senator Collins tries to lull us into thinking she will do the right thing declares she doesn't see how this can be voted on this week as she says more needs to be done.

The ACA was debated for 24 consecutive days before the final vote. This will debated all of 10 hours. 

An intense media campaign is being waged against the GOP "No's". Chuck Schumer told CBS this morning that he says it is 50-50 the bill will pass. 

The good news if it doesn't pass Mitch McConnell wants nothing more to do with healthcare. Let's make sure this week he fails.

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