Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Nikki Haley warned that the American statements on Syria are also aimed at Iran and Russia. 

By late this afternoon a Pentagon official said that the chemical attacks being prepared at a Syrian airbase. No one else seems to know anything about it. 

Russia not content with their puppet said this was all nonsense. 

I expect this issue to blow up this week. And remember there is no declaration of war on anything we are doing anyway.

The White House contingent is aching for a war with Iran.  But the US will go against a regimen with a very developed missile capability,a sophisticated air force and a huge standing army. And it is no Iraq, whose army had been seriously depleted in the first Gulf War and whose battlefields were desert.
Iran is mountainous and as much as Iranians detest their government any attack will galvanize a fierce nationalist response.

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