Wednesday, June 28, 2017


The GOP dissenters including McCain say they think they should work with Republicans. Susan Collins wants to work with "moderate" Democrats. Tim Kaine says that Trump should realize that his promises during the campaign are slaughtered by the House and Senate bills. 

There is a merging bipartisan view that you can't "kill" Medicaid and reduce premiums or cost of the individual market. Mary Cantwell thinks the viable route is to handle the individual market and stabilize the exchanges. Lamar Alexander believes the same.

Mary Caputo has been very forthright that 30% of West Virginia depends on Medicaid and that she didn't come to Washington to hurt the American people.

Tom Kaine says let the Senate be the Senate and allow for hearings and Democratic amendments. But Kaine says this might not be possible if the GOP is hung up on tax cuts.

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