Sunday, June 11, 2017


The interview  goes over the Comey testimony and his own experience with Trump, who also called him 3 times before finally firing him. 

Bahara tries to explain why the Justice Department is different from just any old type of government agency because of the stakes. He would not speculate on whether Trump was concerned with his jurisdiction over the Trump Organization and Trump Tower.

He also explained that it is not a better of he said-the other guys said. He says you have to evaluate both people's track record in telling the truth as well as the context for their various actions. He says there is at least the appearance of obstruction of justice and that will probably be part of Mueller's investigation.

He also noted that Paul Ryan's explanation is nonsense. He said Trump openly campaigned on the impropriety of Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch so Trump knew at least the optics of such a meeting could be construed as obstruction of justice. So Trump is aware of the issue.

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