Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Has anyone ever thought that these shootings are ways by which white men get their story told?  So we learn everything about the shooter's Facebook page, his volunteering with Bernie Sanders, his revulsion at Trump's election, his stay here in Alexandria at the Y, his political concerns over income inequality, his frustrations, his target practice back in his Illinois home. Basically more media time than your average obit and more extensive.
Like white males who ry to commit suicide after 55,he was calm while he fired at the congressmen and staff and the Capitol Police.

There was no mention on the Hill today about mental illness or gun control. In fact one of the few pieces of legislation passed by the Trump administration was to make it easier for the mentally ill to get fire arms.

There may be more stories in the days ahead because this is a very self-absorbed politics community. There is already discussion about beefing up security for members when they are in their districts. The Republicans were in hyperventilating mode. 

My right-wing emailers tried to lay the blame on the Left--which is what they always do. But I found Paul Ryan's speech to the House rather strange. It sounded less reassuring than he is scared.

Josh Marshall reminds us this is a very violent country and I want to remind the readers that I feared everyday for Obama's life. With over 30,000 gun deaths per year, we will see more such incidents because we do not want to examine ourselves and why people--men--want to act out their frustration.

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