Monday, June 19, 2017


The Democrats have tried to get a public debate on the Trumpcare bill. Remember Obamacare was debated in over 50 Senate hearings and several Republican amendments were accepted, even though none of them voted for it. Remember Sen. Grassley's whining over the Affordable Care Act. Senator Hatch said today that it would silly to share with the public because it is so bad.

Bloggers have complained that this should be front-page news. Remember none of the TV pundits or even the press are negatively impacted because they have their insurance covered by the newsoutlets and television personalities will probably receive a tax refund. No need to disturb the people.

This is alot like the tax cut proposed by Dick Cheney after 9-11. Passed only with 50 votes and helped trigger the global recession.

We only had Obamacare because he was committed to rectify a situation which his mother went through when she had cancer. That was the personal story behind him pressing for this when Axelrod was against it. 

Obama became the first American president since TR, who thought of a national system, to ever get one through.

What is to transpire is a national and a personal tragedy for so many people . People over 50 with pre-existing conditions will have to pay a small new car every year for their coverage. People like my son probably will not be able to afford health insurance.

The Senate Democrats are right in bringing the Senate to a halt but instead we get the Washington Post pontificating that a single-payer is to costly.

With Obama out of office it is not likely we will have any major social reform in this country until a second term of a Democratic president. Somewhere around 2024.

Public polling shows the Republicans are highly vulnerable--today--on the healthcare issue.But the strategy is to make it so demoralizing one can't run on major social reform.

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