Saturday, June 3, 2017


This is before "We'll always have Pittsburgh" Rally for Trump. At least my wife will always have Havana.

The Trump administration wants to undo President Obama's Cuban normalization. This after Trump himself violated sanctions to get into real estate there. It will cost the American taxpayer a minimum of 8.8 Billion dollars and will be more complicated than thought.  But Bannon can do it if anyone can.

We forget that all of planet earth no longer isolated Cuba after all these years and certainly no one will again. This would be another step to make us a rogue nation.

But Pope Francis facilitated Obama normalizing relations but he called Trump FATSO in a clever way when speaking to Melania. So if he's laughed at must punish.

Has anyone figured out yet that people like Bannon who support white supremacy are hated by all white people?

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