Thursday, June 8, 2017


My 93-year old father-in-law boasted to his colleagues at the senior citizens residence that he had served in the FBI and listening to Comey he was proud to listen to a man of integrity who treasured our legal institutions. Remember he is living with all Trump supporters.

I don't see how Trump can overcome the cloud he is now under having being declared a liar by the former head of the FBI. His personal lawyer countered the testimony today by saying the dinner never happened,Trump never demanded loyalty and did not put pressure on Comey to put that "Flynn thing away". Remember this is the guy who could not win a case against a writer who wrote that Trump wasn't a billionaire. He has not legal position at the White House. He simply is Trump's personal lawyer and can make up what he wants and see whether it sticks to the wall.

I had lunch at a local deli where the owner is a Republican and a former Marine, who listened to Comey's testimony all day. He said Comey saying the Commander in Chief was a liar hurt him very much and he thinks Trump should be impeached sooner rather than later.

Robert Reich wrote a Facebook piece on the mood here in D.C. Yes, there was a sense of a Watergate moment and the restaurants and pubs had Comeyday specials. Reich found the permanent government workers depressed , listless and not doing very much. He found that the Trump agenda on the Hill has stalled and he was skeptical that the Senate will pass anything remotely a healthcare bill. He found Democrats hopeful but the Republicans who don't support Trump recognizing Ryan would never allow any impeachment, Reich found the town more dysfunctional than ever.

I think Comey legitimizes the whole special counsel investigation. I don't think Comey will even get dinged by the White House. Comey's testimony also indicated the broader scope of Mueller 's investigation. 

But be warned Mueller never solved the anthrax poisonings under W or the money-laundering by the Russians which brought us Trump. Outside observers believe this time he is bringing in heavy-weights experienced in money laundering and organized crime.

Today it was clear from Comey's testimony that Trump is obsessed with the pee-pee tape. That will be the Lewinsky dress to this episode. But remember in the Sinclair Dossier is a payoff of $19 billion from the sale of Rosneft if sanctions are lifted. Follow the money but keep Golden Showers alive.

I firmly believe that the Democrats should feel free to discuss impeachment. The need is more urgent than ever. I know Nancy Pelosi didn't pull it in the 2006 elections and we ushered in majorities in Congress and Obama, but this really is a national emergency.

I found one part of Comey's testimony compelling --his defense of the United States and Russia attack on our system and effort at soiling our image, while Trump didn't care. Trump only cared about the pee-pee tape.

My gut tells me Pence really might have been kept out of the Flynn-Kushner cabal in the transition since he is connected to the neoconservatives. 
The weak link will be Kushner and what he was trying to do with Gorkov, Putin's banker.

The obsession of Trump and .to be frank, myself misses the point that the whole Trump team was a conspiracy and Donald might have been the last to know--but know he does.

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