Thursday, June 15, 2017


Josh Marshall writes a follow-up on his piece yesterday when the Washington Post story broke. The Wall Street Journal writes about how Trump was still belittling the intelligence community's assessment to his own NSA director and trying to persuade him that he had nothing to do with Russia. 

Marshall refers to the lava flow of financial investigations that are based on a presumption that money was laundered to shell companies as a quid pro quo. Josh writes that most of the characters involved wouldn't pass the first legal smell taste if push comes to shove. If not collusion, what they have done is basically illegal.

Muller today told the Senate Intel Cmte he will handle obstruction of justice anad they can stay out of it. It should be noted that the obstruction of justice wouldn't have started without Trump accepting the advice of Jared Kushner to fire Comey. 

Putin today trolled Trump by saying he would offer Comey political asylum likening him to Edward Snowden. 

Believe it or not Paul Manafort is still doing business,advertising his excellent links to the Trump administration.

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