Monday, June 19, 2017


He says he will not release the bill until 10 hours before the vote. A stunning repudiation of democratic processes. Not since the Democrats under Wilson prepared tariffs in secret has this been done.

Millions of peoples' fate and 20% of our economy rests on this bill. When asked why the GOP hasn't consulted anyone involved in healthcare,McConnell said " We've been all over that."

The bill will weigh heavily on blue states. Medicaid will go extinct earlier than 2020. (A note: millions use Medicaid to support aged parents in nursing homes. In effect, the bill creates a feudal system where the millennials deep in educational debt will forego health insurance  then move into a part of their life where they must support their parents.

Rumors have it that the GOP will return to pre-Obamacare where pre-existing conditions affect premiums and there will be a lifetime cap on medical expenses. Those with employer insurance will forego the guarantees from Obamacare and the preventive care. 

HIV/AIDS, opioid treatment, and all of women's healthcare will disappear. 

In short it is the most regressive legislation in
American history.

It is estimated that 1 million jobs will be lost in the first ten years of its life. 

The benefit of Obamacare to support entrepreneurs and those working in the gig-economy will disappear. You will have to seek employment that gives health insurance.

It will be absolutely devastating to Trump's core constituency and the whole Appalachia region. But I am convinced they could care less.

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