Monday, June 19, 2017


Josh Marshall had a little inside The Beltway piece about the off between the Pentagon and the Bannonites over Syria. The holdovers from Flynn have advocated an expansion of the Syrian war beyond destroying ISIS and want to  go after Iran.

The Pentagon gets to determine the strategy for the Afghanistan War,the longest in American history, the yahoos Syria and the rest.

Like it or not,American ground troops are in Syria,Iraq,Yemen, Somalia and ,of course, Afghanistan. 

I complained about Obama's strategy having too many moving parts. What is unfolding is insane.

500,000 Yemenis have Cholera. The United Nations reports the Middle Eastern situation has created more displaced people than at any time since WWII. The United States is eliminating funding for humanitarian aid. In the United States, even Franklin Graham has expressed disappointment with the deportation of Iraqi Christians. 

Bannon had said he was a Leninist but I think he's like Che Guevara who promised to create one,two,three Vietnams for America. Bannon wants to move the war to the Iranian border.

Today, the United States shot down a Syrian airplane over its airspace. Remember President Obama submitted a request to declare war on ISIS in 2014. We are still waiting. The Russians, for their part, say they will not maintain the regional hot line to coordinate conflicting operations.

Throw in the Philippines where we are on the ground with Duterte's troops, North Korea where we have naval exercises, the United States is now in more hot wars than in my lifetime with only dreary results to be expected.

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